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Charlie Buckton - Esther Anderson

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When Charlie first arrived i found her rather irritating and didnt warm to her at all. When she got with Roman i began to like her which coincidentally was the same time i started to change my opinion on Roman. [going from like to dislike] and now i think she is amazing and she is my favourite character.

I think she has improved as an actress since we first saw her and she has such expressive eyes. She is also very pretty.

Im loving her current storyline and i think Esther is doing really well in portraying the right emotions.

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Esther is a really good actress and she is soooo pretty! detest her hair and eyes. (Oi mods!!! They edited it I mean I l o v e esther's eyes and hair!!!).

I can see how confused Charlie is about her feelings towards Joey. She is struggling to accept her feelings, I wonder how understanding and accepting Summer Bay will be if Charlie and Joey do start a long term relationship

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Esther is doing a great job with this storyline. They have finally given her a decent storyline to work with. :)

Now if only they can survive as a couple, that will be great!

I agree. Esther has been amazing in showing Charlies feelings during this story. She has really expressive eyes.

I really hope they survive but as rumour has it Joey is leaving soon :(

I guess there is always a chance she will come back....

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I love how Esther tells everything with her eyes. Even if she tries to be happy etc her eyes always give her away. Its great acting! :)

I was thinking the same thing. Her eyes are simply stunning. I can't help but get lost in them :wub:

And once again, at the moment her acting is insanely good. Not that it was ever bad mind you :P

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And once again, at the moment her acting is insanely good. Not that it was ever bad mind you :P

I think she has improved alot since she started. Especially with her emotional scenes. She never used to be able to cry but now she can!

Saying that I never though she was bad or couldnt act or anything, I just think she has improved.

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