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Rachel Armstrong - Amy Mathews

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Three foot taller LOL! So, Rachel was 4 feet tall, Kim was 7 feet tall? :lol: :lol:

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Sarcasm isn't very easy to get across on here :lol: I like to exaggerate!

I'm looking forward to seeing Amy's performance in Packed To The Rafters, I'm interested in what sort of character she'll play. And her curly hair is back! :lol:

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When did you first become a fan of Rachel? (Which episode/storyline/year)

I think I actually liked the character from the start, I liked her relationship with Leah and with Kim. When she managed to get kidnapped within her first week on the show, setting the tone for the next two and a half years, I was firmly sympathetic towards her.

What qualities do you like/dislike about Rachel?

I liked her caring side, the way she’d help anyone regardless of who they were and what they’d done. Which did occasionally give her a bit of a messiah complex where she felt she was personally responsible for everyone’s health but I’d rather that than the other way round. I wasn’t keen on her occasionally patronising side which oddly seemed to come out more with Tony, she did seem to try and force him to agree with her on occasion.

What was/were your favourite Rachel storyline(s) and could you relate to them in any way?

I can’t say I related to Rachel that much, I think what tended to be an issue for her wasn’t for me. The whole rape storyline with Henk was well-played and showed lots of different sides to Rachel, being strong and thinking about others but still showing a lot of vulnerability.

Tell us a few of your favourite quotes from Rachel.

To Leah: “You think I’m attracted to Kim? A nineteen-year-old? One of my patients?” (Cue pointed look) “Oh my god. I’m attracted to Kim. A nineteen-year-old. One of my patients.”

After Xavier has refused the kiss of her life from her: “I’m still hot, aren’t I?”

Who do you think was Rachel’s ultimate soul mate and why – Kim, Hugh, Lewis, Henk, Roman or Tony?

It would have to be Tony. Kim’s the only one that really came close but that didn’t work out for whatever reason. She and Tony did seem supportive of each other and happy together and it was hard to see them ever breaking up.

Who would you have liked to have seen Rachel paired up with from all the male regulars and guests from the show?

I’m not sure I ever thought about it that much but I’ve heard her and Miles suggested and I think that might have been interesting.

What type of storyline did you enjoy Rachel in – a work related storyline, a personal related storyline or a storyline with another Summer Bay character (apart from a relationship one)?

The work related storylines showed her professional and caring side but it was nice to see her personal life as well.

Do you feel that we should have had more/less focus storyline wise on Rachel during the years and do you feel that she was/wasn’t a background character towards the end of her time on the show?

It did seem during 2010 that we didn’t get a lot of her but that was after a few years when she seemed pretty central. It’s a shame that she and Tony were a bit isolated by that point because it meant there were fewer opportunities to involve her in storylines.

What type of storylines would you have liked to have seen Rachel tackle – both professionally and personally?

I guess they could have made more of her trying to get on at work, it tended to be neglected a bit.

Which direction would you like to see Amy venture into next – stage (theatre), television (tv dramas/soaps or a mini-series) or film (short films or movies)?

It might be interesting to see her in a smaller ensemble cast on television.

What message would you like to convey to the writers of the show in regards to the character of Dr Rachel Armstrong?

Could have tried a bit harder to win some of the naysayers over but did a good job of creating an older female character with a mixture of strength and vulnerability.

What message would you like to send to Amy in regards to her on-screen character and for her future in the world of acting?

Thanks for always giving us your best, good luck with the future.

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I've been working on a website for Amy, it can be found here. I've got a lot more content to add, but I hope you guys like it:) I should have caps of last nights Packed to the Rafters episode up tonight some time as well.


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Hey Guys!

Not sure if anyone is having trouble viewing my Amy Mathews website lately, but I changed servers so the website URL is a bit different now and I'm not sure that its redirecting properly. The new address is www.amymathewsnet.com.


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