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Nicole Franklin - Tessa James

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Haven't started on the -09 season yet, but Nicole (and Roman) become of my new favorites on very, very short time. I really like her bubbly personality, some of her remarks, her look and that she kan be sassy. I also really liked that she can be really girly, but also that she can be a tomboy, as for example Martha. (In the long run I prefer the tomboys, and not the ones who are so girly, but I thinks that a show should have both types.)

Don't like her and Melody together, and I doon't like the storyline with her mother either, but I really liked her storylines with Aden, Elliott, and some of the storylines she had with Geoff. It seems like she has become more mature now, and that sounds promising.

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Nicole was one of my favourite charactor's from the moment she came onto home and away right until she left! Her charactor was so fun, out-there, wild, funny! She was just awesome! I remember when she very first came to home and away she made the show so much lighter and brought fun to it!

They need another Nicole now she's gone! I miss her, she played her charactor soo well and had so many crazy/huge storylines! :)

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I remember one summer they showed a lot of episodes from when Nicole first came in and then a lot of Aden/Belle centric episodes and I found they gave a lot more insight into Nicole's relationship with Aden:She seemed to spend an awful lot of time looking out for Aden and doing what she thought was best for him and he seemed to either not notice or take it the wrong way and end up shouting at her.During that scene on the wharf where she told him how she felt about him, I always felt that was the first time she'd ever said anything like that to anyone.Then he goes straight to Belle and the next morning he can't remember what she said.

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It's curious how people see characters differently.I never saw Aden and Nicola as a brother/sister relationship and I don't think either of them did.(Bizarrely, the only time either of them referred to it as such was while they were dating and Aden told his brother how they met.)Aden mostly viewed her as a best friend, Nicole...well, you could probably write essays about how she felt about him but it didn't strike me as being particularly siblinglike.I always felt there was a friends-with-the-potential-to-be-more vibe about them.

On the other hand, every now and then someone suggests Nicole and Romeo should have been a couple which just strikes me as weird because that always did seem like a brother/sister relationship and was often referred to as such.I liked their relationship but I think it worked solely because it was purely platonic/familial, meaning they'd support each other rather than messing each other about like they did with their partners.Having them jump into bed together would have just wrecked it.

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Oh... this is an old discussion...

Adens storyline did not allow him to hook up with a character like Nicole in the beginning. She was to sexual agressive. And I thought that the chemistry between the two actors was not that good as a couple either. He was to intense and dark for her and that's the reason he felt like an older brother despite bad behaviour sometimes. Romeo and Nicole felt more identical from the actors way of portraying the characters.

I really didn't like what they did with Adens character by the end... But I did not like the way they handled Nicole either... I think it was unessesary to put her up with Aden when he was leaving, and then just put her with as much random guys and also crazed guys as possible...

I think they should have made Nicole and Romeo together... build them well as a couple and characters and then made him leave with her.

I think it would have been better for Nicole too, if they had coupled her with Romeo in late 2009 season and then use year and a half to explore them instead of totally ruin her as a character... She was made a saint just to make Aden look worse, and after that she was hooked up with the crazed Penn, and then suddenly with Angelo just so they could leave together. It was extremely random... the storyline with Sid was also not good at all.

And year and a half with Romeo would have been enough. He has now been on the show for far too long time... And I am even about a year behind you in storylines. I think this character would have been more interesting with Nicole, and with a shorter time on the show. She was more tempered than Indi and that was what Romeo needed.

Indi should have been coupled with a more tempered character... To have her in a relationship with Romeo has ruined her.. And Romeo would have been better with a tempered character as Nicole. Together Indi and Romeo are exptremely flat acting wise.

We are in the early 2012 season (I think...) and I really miss characters like Nicole, Aden, Belle, Rick, Mathilda, Cassie and so on... I think they were more youth like with more realistic personalities... Not so false sugar sweet, or stiff...

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At the risk of prolonging a very old argument...Like I said, these things vary between people.From what little we saw of them as a couple, I thought Aden and Nicole had superb chemistry and brought out the best in each other, just as they had done when they were just friends.(As I indicated a few posts ago, Nicole always seemed like a saint where Aden was concerned and, when they weren't butting heads, he tended to be less bad-tempered around her and, I think, became a better person after they hooked up, at least until the storyline with his father.)Which leads me to think they should have got them together in 2008 or 2009, even if that meant waiting a few months until Aden's storyline was over and he was as sexually aggressive as the next person, so we could have a year and a half or two years of them together.Then the Sid storyline wouldn't have happened or the hook-up with Liam and maybe the later stuff as well.They wrecked Belle for me by pairing Aden up with her instead, she needed someone gentler to bring out a different side of her, not another volatile bad boy.

I am very uncomfortable with the idea of Nicole and Romeo as a couple and I think the show needs to be applauded for not having them hook up when that was probably the easy thing to do, given that Romeo's reason for being on the show was gone by the end of 2009.The fact that they were so alike, looking out for each other and listening to each other's problems, meant that they felt like brother and sister and there wasn't a shred of romantic chemistry between them, Romeo had more chemistry with Xavier than Nicole.I think pairing up Romeo and Nicole would have well and truly wrecked her character, just like it has Indi who isn't really that different from Nicole at all, with a similar cycle of cheating and rushed marriages.(Although I guess the same could have happened to Aden and Nicole if they'd been together longer, I like to think not though.)While I disliked Nicole's storyline in 2011, not least because it should have been so good but instead they took it in completely the wrong direction and focused on all the wrong characters and situations, I disagree that it ruined her, I continued to like and sympathise with her up to the end and, random as her suddenly being in love with Angelo was, I think making her a mother and have her finally decide to step up to the plate and try to be the mother to her son that she'd always wanted to be was a good end for her, far better than if they'd tried to convince us that Romeo was her soul mate.(Again, see how well that's worked for Indi.)

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