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I'm not much gone on them now, to be honest. I was, in the beginning - where Jai was the new 'troubled teen' to come to the bay, and Annie had to really work at getting him to even notice her let alone have a conversation with her.

Then, the way she worried over him, and constantly tried to be his 'light in the darkness' I really liked too, because to be honest, he was the "odd one out" and it's always refreshing to see someone befriending the kid everyone avoids / bullies.

Then they gradually grew a little closer - we had the whole Annie on the school roof scene, and Jai thinking he was invincible, and then that sweet sweet first kiss - it was a really adorable storyline.

But now, all of a sudden, Jai fits into the bay like he's been there his whole life and we never see him being a little sad, or thinking of his family or anything like that anymore; it's just, as others said, they follow along with Ruby now, like tagalongs, and I feel like we're missing out on a lot of them.

Thought the scene where Ollie called him Jay-Jay or something like that, and Jai lost the plot was fabulous; it really brought to home what had happened to Jai, adn that, beneath the fitting in, he was still hurting and healing.

Now - they're just another two a penny couple, in my eyes! :(

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Annie and Jai will never be my favourite couple but I think they are quite cute. There is something really innocent about them, and it's nice to see a relationship when they aren't jumping straight into bed with each other. For a while Geoff was like that as well, not wanting to sleep with anyone, but that soon changed, so it's kind of nice to have this kind of relationship showed. They really need some bigger storylines though, because we don't see much of them.

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RIP, Jannie.And like Jai, I'm not entirely sure why.When they split up, it was over something trivial and it clearly wasn't what either of them wanted.They nearly got back together a couple of times only for mistakes and misunderstandings to get in the way.And then, as if someone had flicked a switch, Annie suddenly announced she was completely over him and was never getting back with him and seemed to be willing to date any guy that showed an interest apart from him.I guess if Jai's gone they'd have had to end at some point but I'd have preferred it if they'd still been together when they left for Japan and then it could have gone wherever it needed to from there.It feels as though I've invested in this relationship only to be told it wasn't important.

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I know how you feel about that !

The last time I posted in here was August, but after that, they crept up on my top couples list (probably due to the fact that not many other couples interest me), and then they ended. It did seem like Annie changed her mind suddenly about Jai, but at least we got some cute Romeo and Annie scenes... I hope that the writers will continue to keep Anne's innocent personaility streak, instead of having her jump into bed with Romeo... :unsure:

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I wish that they'd left as a couple, too. Annie and Romeo do nothing for me but I always liked Annie and Jai. Everything seemed to going fine with them and boom, it's all over. They never gave the end of their relationship much of a buildup.

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