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Jack Holden - Paul O'Brien

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I know! Even with Sally being stabbed by Rocco and the whole staging of Kate Ritchie saying things in interviews, implying that she could be thinking about leaving, people still managed to reveal that she would survive weeks before it aired on the show. And with the "Big surprise ending" of 2007, everyone knew pretty early that it would be Miles writing "Milco" in the sand. But this... I don't think anyone had any idea it would happen, and I mean, it's been like five weeks since the season return, and people are still doubting whether he's actually dead or not!

I think this has been a brilliant cover up, finally a storyline where nobody seems to have any clue! :P

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^ I think that's part of why it seems to fishy! It reminds me of when Scott "died" and as viewers we were shocked because Kip wasn't supposed to be leaving etc. and then he rode back into town a day later, very much alive!

Something else that has only added to the fishyness is some peoples' over zealous insistent that he is dead and gone for good. Fair enough, we saw him die and be buried, but there were certain people who were vehemently opposed to any discussions or speculation that he may be alive, that made me think that perhaps they doth protest too much :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I know what you mean. We're two years behind here, and I knew Scott was leaving with Hayley when that episode with Sarah telling Dani he was dead aired, and I was shocked. That day I seriously started questioning if I had gone crazy :P

Anyway, I think Jack is really dead. He is a cop and that could invite another supercop returning from the dead storyline, but after they pulled that with Peter only two years ago, and received very... Split opinions from fans :P I don't think they'd do that again so fast. I actually think they have managed to pull off a storyline we honestly had no clue about. And I think that's very gutsy of them, in a very good way :P

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I really hope its true because nothing would make em happier :)

I love and miss you Jack please come back :wub::(

i so agree with you, i want jack back, he was the best!!! :(

If he gets work he wont be back what would u want Paul in heaps other show's movies or him as Jack forever

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I think Ryan is playing with us Jack fans :lol: Did you read his article on the main site? "Now Jack is gone - or is he?"

Where about's on the main site was this article? Can you give me the link please.


It came from a hitch that appears to have occurred due to the new look Chris is giving the site. Before I could mark something "Subpage" which meant it didn't show up in any menus. However this new look does show subpages and that's how it cropped up.

Often on unfinished pages that are accidentally published or leaked, you will find in-jokes and stuff like that.

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