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Jack Holden - Paul O'Brien

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I think the UK are only 10 episodes behind now, the season finale airs in the UK at the end of next week!

I will miss Jack, wasn't the brightest at being a cop, but was a very likeable character.

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I loved Jack so much and like some said it was a pity that Jodi didnt want to leave because we could hav egot our sunset ending that they truly deserved :(

Instead they snatched him away from us as fast as possible.

I am a huge Jack/Paul O Brien fan and I will miss him dearly.His character always looked out for everybody else and he only ever truly loved one woman - Martha Mackenzie Holden :(

I would love Martha to stay single forever but then again thats not fair and unrealistic but I do think however that she should stay single until 2010 .Thats not too much to ask is it H&A writers ?

I think when Jodi's contract runs end out she should be killed off only to bge greeted by a waiting jack and they go to heaven together forever.Surely paul would do that for 1 scene!!

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I was never keen on Jack's investigative skills (more so when he first came on - he got better!) but he was such a great, nice, sweet character. Like... just a genuine nice guy...

I loved the dynamics of the Holden family and how they were more mates than Dad vs sons. He was a good character and it's a shame really. Wish he didn't have to go like that though!

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