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She found out in November, so it actually has been 9 months. I guess it seems longer because they usually shorten pregnancies on soaps, and they had her pretty big from around 4 months. :lol:

I love it that it has been long :) Rachel is shining, she's so happy about the baby :) I love seeing her. I can't wait for the baby. I just hope Tony is there from the beginning and they don't lose him to somewhere.

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I adored the Tony and Rachel scene today!! It's like there's been this shift in their relationship and Rachel is being the vunrable one in need of support. I love how he threw down the towel and just kinda ran over to her when he saw she was crying - then she just droped her bag and broke down in front of him. Although it was way too short (obviously :wink: ) it said a lot and his concern was palpable. I also liked how she admitted he was right and she should have listened to him instead of always trying to be in control. It's just a shame it took something so tragic for her to realise she's been pushing herself too hard.

I am annoyed they cut the scene where he tells her he's worried she's doing too much. I don't understand why they cut scenes then have a follow up scene left it - it will never make any sense to me. :rolleyes:

Nevertheless, i loved what we got today and thought Amy was amazing throughout the whole episode. It must be heartbreaking to have to tell someone their baby is dead, especially when you're about to have one yourself. And of course i love that she went straight to Tony and he was just wonderful :wub:

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:lol: I dunno if they do or whether it's just because were fans that we think they're too short!

Last night's Tachel stuff was just beautiful, a lot showed in just that one little scene. I loved how finally, Tony was the one supporting Rachel (he does it so well :wub: haha) and she was finally allowing herself to be comforted by him and not trying to be strong all the time. It was sweet how Tony threw his lovingly folded towel on the floor when she came in crying and went running straight over to her. :lol:

I think I just liked it so much because as Kirsty said there was a role reversal in the relationship and to see Rachel completely break down like that....

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amitbae, I don't think you're the only one. :D I mean there have to be other people of course, only watching them is not interesting eventually, :)

But I feel too that Tachel scenes are too short :( It seems like Adelle and Charlie & Angelo scenes are so much longer !

I loved that little scene when Tony comforted Rach, it was so sweet :wub:

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