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It was really nice to see them both happy for once. Tony seemed to be making a genuine effort and i loved that he felt the bump and seemed happy when the baby kicked and showed concern for Rachel too. It was cute he came home to have lunch with her, and i'm glad at the end they acknowledged they'd be talking about things and mentioned how difficult the past week had been. Although i felt a bit sorry for Rach during the whole Godparent thing, it was a little obvious she wasn't sure about asking them but i guess Tony was so happy about it she went along for his sake, which was lovely.

And they both scrubbed up well today :wink: Loved Tony in the purple shirt and Rachel's dress was pretty - made the bump look pretty real!! And i like her hair like that too :)

Just glad to see some happy Tachel :wub:

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is it me being really observant - but everytime tony gets upset or unhappy he seems to be wearing a puma t-shirt! when martha shouted at him for going fishing with angelo he had a puma t-shirt on the os he has a puma t-shirt on looking sad and when he had a fight with rachel a few weeks ago and a few other times too

i thought it a few weeks ago too but just laughed but then i seen the os

it may just be a coincidance but a very funny one

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When I wacthed these "family scenes" I find Rachel is trying too hard to make a perfect, happy little family. It's really irritating to watch.

I actually think it was Tony who was trying to create the perfect family setting yesterday and it was intentional. He admitted that he was trying to impress to make up for what had happened. They're trying to work through their relationship so I think it's a good thing, Tachel were the only happy couple yesterday :lol:

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I think she's just been trying to help her husband deal with the loss of his oldest child. It takes time and in a way i'm glad it's taken 7 months or so for Tony to have finally found some closure. It's a lot more realistic.

And they are soon going to be a happy little family :) After everything they've both been through together and survived as a couple, they deserve it.

I was so happy to see Tony give Hugo and Martha his blessing today. It's a really positive sign :D

I liked Rachel's eating for two line :lol: And i noticed she was wearing leggings under her dress, very chic :wink: And i always love her and Tony's affection, it's subtle but very sweet :wub:

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Isn't that what life's all about? Trying to create the perfect family life...

A big step forward in Tachel tonight. Would have personally liked to actually see them work through their issues rather than not be on screen for a week, come back and they're fine and dandy. She looked so proud of Tony tonight when he gave Margo his blessing and it was a big thing for Tony I think. I was a bit concerned after that first scene when he got upset and stormed off, thinking they were back to square one but he just needed some thinking time and now everything's great :)

Loved the leggings today, very trendy hehe. And the eating for two line :lol: I like all the subtle pregnancy hints (finally) that weve been getting and I'm happy now Tachel are happy :lol:

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Rachel's eating for two line was great, I agree with you Kirsty . I was like aww :)

Although I don't like Margo, I liked that Tony gave them his blessing. It shows that he's moving on. :) The greaving process was hard and it was very realistic. Usually in home and away they soon forget the people who has died. But now with Jack, it was good to see something different.

I don't find Rachel trying too hard. I mean c'mon ! She wanted to be mother so badly and it's finally happening! Her biggest dream is coming true! Wouldn't you be happy? Of course she wants to be it perfect and wants everything to be organised and ready. I would want it too, if I was her.

It was good to see happier Tachel and their not angry or something.

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I wasn't too impressed with the writers yet again not showing us any scenes of Rachel talking to Tony and instead just implying that he's been telling her the same, but that's for another thread...

I qouted this from the Leah/Rachel thread because i completly agree. once again Rachel just said that Tony had been talking about how great it is when you first have the baby etc. i think it would be much better if we had seen it because that would make a adorable scene :wub: but well.... done is done.

Rachel said she would be a mother in a few weeks :D wiii, i am just so excited! Tachel baby :wub:

i really think she should stop working now though, being a doctor most be stressfull and cant be good for her now that she is this far pregnant.

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For me Rachel and Tony arent working well together mainly because Tony doesnt seem into this pregnancy as much as Rachel is. However Rachel is grating on my nerves as she cant see why Tony needed to 'get over' his hostility to Angelo. She automatically assumes that he is doing all he can to push her away but its nothing to do with her. All married couples have their own lives outside of the marriage but I dont think Rachel has grasped that yet and until she does their scenes for me will be unbearable.

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