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I think the reason her pregnancy has been so easy is because the Jack storyline went on for months. It would have been pretty cruel to Tony to have her have problems too! Although,a little morning sickness, cravings wouldn't have gone a miss. :lol:

I'm hoping in the next few months they'll acknowledge it more. She's had so much to cope it it's amazing she's not had any scares due to stress! It really should be starting to affect her soon though, especially with her job. Even her just saying she's tried would be something!

I don't think Tachel are in the background as much as we like to believe :lol: I guess because we love them we want so much more, hehe. But they've actually had some pretty big storylines together, probably after Adelle and Martha, the most.

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Loving how Aden had to help Rachel stand up today. So sweet!

Aww me to. I like Aden and Rachel's friendship a lot, he trusts her with all his secrets and always comes to her for relationship advice :lol: I think Aden's paid more attention to Rachel's pregnancy than Tony has :P (I'm only joking by the way :lol: ) Tony did get the chair for her when they were putting the marque together! But yes, she's had too easy a pregnancy for Summer Bay. She has scored a lunch from Leah and Martha though, maybe that's a hint towards her "eating for two :lol: "

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Guys trust me I'm sure Rachel's pregnancy isn't going to be ignored so just chill. I think alot of screentime next year will be foucsed on Tony and Rachel (hopefully Aden will be gone by the time the baby comes, so I don't have to endure those scenes with Tachel :lol:) So stop panicking I doubt that the writers are going to ignore Rachel's pregnancy.... After all she's waited so long and is so despeate for the baby it will eventually be the focus of home and away.... <_<

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Were not panicking :lol: I'm not anyway, just discussing! Although we are 7 months in up to the spoilers and there's no sign of anything yet. I'm sure they will though you're right, hopefully leading up to the birth they'll got lots of focus and afterwards to, there's so much they can do with Tachel I can't wait to see it :wub:

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