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i hav watched all the ones on page 13. yer but we still need it updated.

so please update

I'll try and update it a bit more today if I get some time!

I'm hoping Tachel get some more storylines soon, for weeks now they haven't really done anything and just seem like background characters, much like when they first got together :(

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^ I agree. Ever since the wedding we havent seen much of Tachel. :( With the unfortunate return of Angelo and the baby due soon-ish I guess it wont to long before we get more Tachel. I would like to think after the baby is born we will get more of Tachel. Hopefully all happy families!

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:lol: Charlene mentioned it above my list but you're right, I missed it out! How could I???

I'll do it properly later but here's a few here:

4799 - 4802 - Tony's not coping with Jack's death and Rachel thinks he's having an affair. Special mention to 4800 as it's the baby's first kick!

4809 - Tachel launch Jack's boat and Tony tells Rachel the boats become his baby :(

4810 - Tony buys all the baby furniture as a surprise for Rachel

4814 - Tony proposes as a way of thanking Rachel for sticking by him after Jack's death.

4823 - Tachel decide to get married on the farm (and they have a cute scene in the gym :wub: )

4830 - When Rachel has doubts about the timing of the wedding but after seeing the effort Tony's put in she changes her mind and they kiss!

4831 - Tachel wedding :wub:

4832 - When Tony comes to meet Rachel at the hospital and comforts her, they only got one scene but it was very cute :wub:

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:lol: Charlene mentioned it above my list but you're right, I missed it out! How could I???

I didn't notice that it had already been put up! But either way, I've got the list saved no ready to watch some cute Tachelness! :wub:

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I watch Tachel episodes on and on and on... Is it just me or is it normal that when I start, I can't stop ? :D They're so damn cute ! :wub:

I want to see Tachel more, it's true that we haven't seen them much since wedding. :( Hope they get a storyline fast, I can't wait to see them. :)

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