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the wedding was so beautiful :)

Rachel looked really pretty and i agree -Holden- Rachel's speech was lovely :D Tony looked wonderful aswell!

We have waited for this episode for so long :lol: and it was Fantastic and so sweet :D:wub:

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The Wedding was just lovely. :wub:

Rachel looked soo beautiful and Tony looked pretty darn good! :D

After waiting for so long for this episode I was worried I would be disappointed by it, but it was just perfect and Rachels little speech was just lovely! :wub:

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I loved the wedding. I thought it was great how they showed us a peek of the wrong dress on Friday! And she looked gorgeous in the pale gold gown last night. I agree with Martha that it's weird to hear Rachel be called Mrs Holden!

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^^ I'm hoping she will do, seeing as they made such a point of calling them Mr and Mrs Holden various times throughout the episode :cool:

The bump touching was one of my favourite parts of the episode, apart from when the baby first kicked we haven't seen a lot of Tony/baby interaction so I thought it was a really lovely touch and represented how they're a little family now :wub: Tony's such a sweetheart!

Sorry if this post is a little mushy but there were just so many lovely Tachel moments and I couldn't have been more happy with how the wedding was done so thank you writers!

I thought Tony might have walked her down the aisle and I think it was really special how they walked down together as a family holding hands. I also liked how both Alf, Colleen and Leah touched on how much they've both been through as a couple and how long they've been waiting for this wedding (as have we!) as it made the ceremony even more special and reminded us how much they've had to go through to get to this point.

The vows were also really beautiful, I liked that the traditional ones were in there, mixed with some extra special unique words. As I mentioned in aus discussion, I really liked that Rachel did that extra special something for Tony, after all the effort he went to for the proposal. He's usually the one doing the elaborate gestures and I thought that little bit was very cute, especially with Rachel crying and Tony's eyes all watery :wub: And don't think I missed him calling Rachel babe again :wink: Oh and the little pause when they were pronounced husband and wife before the celebrant had to nudge Tony to tell him he could kiss Rachel was sweet.

My other favourite moment was the little dance they had when they were all snuggled up and Tony commented on how he didnt' think he'd be this happy :wub: I love loved up Tachel!

I think it's really unfortunate that Rachel's having to not only kneel in the dirt in her wedding dress to give Belle CPR but also leave her new husband and go to the hospital on the eve of her wedding. She looks really really guilty in the pictures so I'm hoping there will still be some Tachel scenes to come tomorrow.

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The wedding was just- :wub:


I loved it so much, it was just so beatuiful! :D From the vows to the cute little dance...it was like heaven for us Tachel fans!!

There are alot of Tachel related stuff on the OS, but nothing with Amy & Jon, except one picture! :(

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