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I was happy we saw Tachel talking a bit more today. The little scene where they were talking about the champers was pretty significant in that is shows Tony is opening up a bit more and talking about Jack which is lovely to see. It was nice Tony mentioned her concern for him - they're back to being all couply again and that's a good thing.

But i hope the champers incident is not a major step backwards. I felt awful for him when he just disappeared into his room and Rachel was holding back the tears.

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i love the fact that more people are starting to get behind tachel

i was loving their closeness in wed and thurs ep - but hoping that they get back on track quick - im thinking rachel really cant take no more but i love her when she loses it so should be some great scenes coming up

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If anyone would like to join the Tachel fans crazy msn chats feel free to add me :D and you can pm me for my details

I loved how Tony never even noticed Rachel gasping for like 10 minutes yesterday before he realised the champers was being drunk :D

Thank you xavier=hot.

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I can't believe it's been almost a year for Tachel! :wub: They've packed more in a year than most couples do in a life time. :lol:

I have hated some of their storylines (the whole OC rubbish especially) and also the fact we never seem to get the beginning of their storylines just the conclusion.

But the most part i've loved their relationship and how it's been written. They're such an affectionate, sweet couple who have genuine chemistry. I don't feel it was that rushed - i think they made it clear how good friends they were before anything happened between them, so it was easy to imagine them falling in love with each other. It felt natural. I liked how they were given real couple issues to deal with, such as the vascetomy storyline and even Bridget. I hated it but it's happens.

I liked how they had her supporting him during the Jack/Sam/Martha drama, and him her during the Joe storyline. They're equal and i think that's a reason their relarionship works so well.

Tony seems like a different man now he's with Rachel, it's like she brought out a whole new side to him which has been lovely to see! And she seems a lot more relaxed and happy in herslef now.

Although the past couple of weeks have been awful for them, i think they have also emphasied how much Rachel loves/cares for him. I'm looking forward to Tachel and their baby becoming the little family the bay needs :)

Anyways, here's to a year of Tachel love hehe. :D:wub:

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