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Favourite Tachel storyline: Their wedding, the birth of Harry and their struggles coping with a newborn baby. I loved the whole build up to the wedding; the 2nd proposal, deciding to get married on the farm and the actual ceremony itself. I think the wedding got the attention it deserved and it was really well written and lovely and romantic. There was a good balance between drama and romance and the setting was beautiful. Harry's birth was pefect and i was pleasently surprised at how realistic it was.

Most romantic Tachel scene: Well, obviously their wedding. But apart from that Tony going to the hospital to propose to her again was really sweet. I also loved how he looked after her when they first brought Harry home, making her breakfast, giving her a massage etc. I think Tony is romantic quite a lot but in little ways. I love the little things he does for her, like holding her chair when she sits down, picking her up from work etc. They're always quite affectionate towards each other and i really love that about them.

Top 3 favourite Tachel scenes: The final scene in the hospital when Tony told Rachel he was there for her when she admitted she wasn't coping with Harry, Julie and Dr.Young brining Harry in to them for the first time and their wedding vows.

Worst Tachel storyline: The aftermath of Tony attempting to kill Angelo. The Belinda stuff i didn't like. It was hard to believe he'd get up to see her so late at night and that he wouldn't have noticed Rachel following him that time she did. It could have been done a lot better.

Worst Tachel scene: Tony tellling Rachel, when she was lying in a hospital bed, that he had wanted to kill Angelo. Just a few hours before she'd been having contractions and was in danger of going into early labour. But, her husband telling her he nearly murdered someone didn't have any affect on her at all.

Most emotional Tachel scene: Tony telling Rachel he couldn't lose her when he was trying to make her see she was suffering (PND). Their wedding vows. The 2nd episode of the year, when Rachel broke down in his arms in the aftermath of Jack's death. Tony rushing into the hospital when Rachel started bleeding and she cried when he walked in, totally unaware of what he'd just been doing.

Best acted Tachel scene: All of them! :lol: But what stands out for me is the Harry kidnapping storyline, Rachel's struggles with Harry and her subsquent PND and Tony's reaction to Jack's death.

Most memorable moment: The wedding and birth of Harry. Tony feeling Harry kick for the first time and for a few moments his eyes light up and it was like a start to him moving on after losing Jack.

Do you think making Tachel parents has been a good move: Yes. No doubt about it. The show needs a stable family to add some realism and im so glad it happened with them. I think most of their stroylines this year have been pretty realistic, and all the drama aside, i think people would have been able to relate to most of what have had to deal with.

Favourite pieces of dialogue: Tony telling Rachel he loved her 'more than he could possibly put into words.' Rachel's extra speech at their wedding: 'Tony, from our first date, when you gave me that shy kiss on the cheek, you just swept me away. And i've never looked back. I love you Tony Holden and i love this baby we made together and i love the life we'll share together.' Rachel saying 'we're in this together, for better or for worse right,' when she found out about their finanical troubles. Tony telling Rachel he couldn't loose her and how he was there for her. I loved the little speech he gave her when he proposed again. Rachel saying she wished she could take his pain away at the beginning of the year just after Jack died. They've had a lot of convsations when they've talked about the importance of being honest with each other, communication and just being there for each other. I enjoy all of those and feel they're very true to life.

Most surprising Tachel scene/storyline: The 2nd proposal was a bit of a surprise! A lovely one though. :wub:

Are you pleased with Tachel this year?: Yes, extremely. There's been a few bad storylines and some awful script writing but for the most part, the good by far outweighs the bad. I'm happy they've survived so much together and managed to stay together. They've come across as being a very strong, stable couple and i think that's important. They've dealt with so many issues that put an enormous amount of pressure on couples but they stuck together and coped. Jon and Amy have been pretty much faultless with their acting all year and that helps. They have great chemistry and they just work really well together.

Best Jon/Tony scene: Beating up Angelo at Jack's wake, confronting Rachel in the hospital after she suffocated their baby

Best Amy/Rachel scene: Rachel in labour was amazingly well done for a women who doesnt have kids, her reaction to her son's kidnapping and i also enjoyed the whole Bridget sage. Rachel got to be a bit of a bitch and i loved that side of her. Amy does everything so well it's hard to find fault with her. One scene which always stands out is when she went to see Tony after Jane lost her baby, and her talk with Belle afterwards.

Favourite interactions with other characters both individually and as a couple I love any Rachel and Leah scene. They have a very realistic friendship and i love they get to have fun together and are always there for each other no matter what. I also loved Rachel's involvement with Belle when she was dying. Recently i've enjioyed seeing Tony with Gina, they have a good brother/sister relationship and that's nice to see. I like to see Tony with Geoff acting like a kind of father figure to him. Aden as well. Of course, my favourite Tachel scenes are with Harry. :wub:

Is there anything you would have changed or done differently?: The aftermath of a lot of stories i would have changed. Most noticeably the Tony trying to kill Angelo storyline. And i wouldn't have had the Andy storyline. I didnt' understand the point of that as he just disappeared. A lot of the time they didn't inclide Tachel conversations when they were badly needed. All we got was an indication that they'd discussed something but we didn't see it. I'd have liked to see more of them just being happy and relaxing with Harry and each other.

What would you like to see Tachel do in 2010?: Just be happy together and have fun with their baby. They've had a hell of a year and i hope next year they have it a little easier. I'd like to see them cope with realistic family things, the gym being in trouble could be a good storyline for them if it continues.

Overall comments: Long live Tachel :D Summer baby's only happily married couple with a baby. :wub: Overall it's been a really amazing year for them and kudos to Amy and Jon for their top noch acting. They really make it believeable.

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I thought I should really answer my own questionnaire!!!

Favourite Tachel storyline: Ohhh there's so so many! I absolutely loved the whole dealing with Jack's death. It was done with such sensitivity, the acting was incredible and whilst someone of the aftermaths were dealt with pretty terribly in my eyes they got the attention they deserved. I loved how they dealt with Tony's reaction firstly and then integrated that into how it affected his relationship with Rachel; how she was negelected and trying to help him out of it but made mistakes to. It was a really honest storyline.

Most romantic Tachel scene: Well the wedding vows without a doubt but then so was the second proposal. I think I'd choose the proposal just because it was so unexpected and was bittersweet as it was Tony's way of moving through Jack's death and focusing on his future life with Rachel and their baby. But Tachel have a lot of subtle romantic scenes to so it is difficult to pick one major one out; in some ways I prefer the subtle ones. For example the little scene where Rachel told Tony how she wasn't taking his support for her going back to work for granted and telling him she loved him was really sweet. And just the little kisses and cuddles they have. Oh and when he tells her they're getting married tomorrow even if he has to take her to Vegas in their little wedding tent surrounded by pretty lights.

Top 3 favourite Tachel scenes: I loved the scene where they had a fight after Belinda! Probably shouldn't choose that but I like a good Tachel fight and I think it resolved a lot of the tension which was going on. Another favourite was when the baby kicked and Tony got to feel it; it was the first time we'd seen him smile in a long time since Jack's death and it gave some hope that he was working through his loss. The final one I'd choose is probably from when Harry was taken to hospital and Tony spoke to Rachel about needing to get help for her post natal depression. It was a really beautiful little scene especially when he said that he'd lost so many people he loved and didn't want to lose her to. He's such a sweetheart :wub: And the acting was so emotional with Rachel crying and Tony all sad. I did love them both meeting Harry for the first time to, when they were both in awe. It had been a long struggle for them to have a baby and finally he was there and they were all happy aww.

Worst Tachel storyline: In terms of the aftermath of storylines; Tony nearly killing Angelo and then his chat with Rachel in the hospital was awful. I even thought the reveal of him telling Rachel was a bit rubbish to be honest and the way that next week everything was fine I just thought was completely unrealistic. We never even saw them talk about things and I think the storyline really needed that to mean anything. Tony had been lying to Rachel for weeks and plotting a man's murder yet she wasn't really THAT upset and he wasn't THAT affected either.

Worst Tachel scene: I guess I answered this question above. Having Rachel in a hospital bed and not having much of a chance to react made the whole scene a bit stale. I think the actors did their best with the material they were given but the dialogue and the whole set up was really badly written.

Most emotional Tachel scene: It's a toss up between her crying into his arms when Jack died, when Harry was kidnapped and they were shouting at each other; Rachel crying and Tony punching the table or when Rachel was blaming herself for Harry being in hospital and she was screaming and crying and Tony was trying to hold her. I can't choose :P

Best acted Tachel scene: It's really difficult to choose this one because I think both Amy and Jon are brilliant actors and always put 100% into their storylines. In terms of a scene they've had together I think I'll choose the one I mentioned above; when Harry was kidnapped and Rachel was trying to understand how Tony could appear so calm. They both acted it so emotionally with Rachel bawling her eyes out wondering if she'd ever see her baby again and Tony welling up angry because he might lose another son.

Most memorable moment: Tachel wedding, Harry's birth. Huuge milestones for Tachel as a couple and something us fans have been waiting ages to see!

Do you think making Tachel parents has been a good move: Yes absolutely! Tachel are the only married couple on the show right now and I think they need a stable, family unit. The storylines they've given Tachel are nearly always realistic storylines which a lot of people deal with in their own lives (maybe apart from Tony trying to push Angelo off a cliff!) So I think it's a natural progression for them to have a baby and it's definetely brought them closer together as it's tested their relationship. I just love any scenes with them and Harry in; they've chosen gorgeous babies to play him and it's nice that now he's a bit older they're nearly always using the same baby. I'm looking forward to seeing what other things they have to deal with as parents.

Favourite pieces of dialogue: Tony's second proposal speech was so sweet; "I love you more than I can put into words. You stood by me when anyone else would have walked away, you're a beautiful, beautiful woman and I just hope you still love me enough to marry me." And I loved their wedding vows as well because they weren't cheesy like I was expecting but just really honest; I loved that Tony promised to "laugh with you and to cry with you." Actually most of my favourite dialogue comes from Tony because he's just so romantic and lovely. :wub: I did love when Rachel told him she loved him and appreciated his support and also when Tony told her he could see in her eyes that she was struggling to hold on and that he didn't want to lose her. Finally the one in my sig; Tony telling Rachel "I just want to do right by you, I don't want to let you down again" and Rachel replying "you never let me down. Everything I keep throwing at you you just keep coming back for more."

Most surprising Tachel scene/storyline: The second proposal I guess because it was totally unexpected! Also with Rachel suffocating Harry and having post natal depression; whilst it was clear from the beginning that something wasn't right with her, she also had to deal with a lot of other difficulties such as being blamed for Jane's baby's death and Harry being kidnapped so it could have easily been put down to that. I like that they didn't give her the sterotypical signs of post natal depression as it made it more real and unexpected.

Are you pleased with Tachel this year?: Definetely. I have to say I enjoyed the first half of the year more than the second as I felt the storylines were more honest and better written. I loved the whole Belinda storyline as it truly tested their relationship and showed a real weakness in Rachel as she was willing to forgive him for an affair if that was what he needed to move through Jack's death. I didn't like that Rachel was so involved in the Bridget storyline just after Jack had died but I guess it was in character for her to be the one not to trust her. They do use her as a bit of a Nancy Drew character as well as a doctor! But they've been used as characters so much this year so I've definetely enjoyed that and think 9/10 the storylines have been brilliant.

Best Jon/Tony scene: The one that really stands out in my mind is when he attacks Angelo at the wake after finding out he killed Jack. The way he flew over the couch and just started punching him was so out of character for Tony and his eyes were wild; the acting was incredible. He looked so lost as he sank to the floor mumbling to himself, I felt so bad for him. It was a little bit sexy to :lol: I also liked when he destroyed Jack's boat and was crying; although I think that scene was far too short.

Best Amy/Rachel scene: When she came to Tony in floods of tears after Jane lost her baby. That was some of the best acting I've seen her do and she came across as really vunerable and scared; a nice change to Rachel whose usually such a strong character. The way they tied her grief with fear for her own baby was a really nice parallel. I also loved when she flew into Jane's house acting all crazy looking for Harry; that was different for Rachel and also when she got him back and was crying waiting for Jane to hand him over.

Favourite interactions with other characters both individually and as a couple I always love Leah and Rachel's scenes as I think they have the most realistic friendship on the show and it's nearly always so consistent. The scene where Rachel was trying to cheer Leah up and told her she was amazing and lovely and that she deserved to be spoilt was sweet. She was struggling to deal with Tony's withdrawal from her and the world yet she was still there for her friend. Also, Martha's support for Rachel during the Belinda storyline I liked and Rachel supporting Belle near the end of her life. That scene where they're both crying and Rachel's telling her to surround herself by the people who love her had me in tears. I like seeing Tony when he's helping out the teens; his scenes with Geoff are nice as he was so close to him when he first arrived and I'd like to see more of that. I also like seeing Tony and Gina together, they've got a nice sibling relationship and I liked seeing him tease her and look out for her with her relationship with John. In terms of Tachel as a couple I like seeing them when they're with the whole family, Martha and the Austins and also when they have their dinner parties and act all couply. And with Harry of course! They make such a cute little family unit.

Is there anything you would have changed or done differently?: The aftermath of Tony trying to kill Angelo definetely. There was absolutely no scene where Tony explained to Rachel why he did what he did, how he was feeling etc and it was wrapped up far too long for a storyline which had spanned a couple of months. I think I'd have liked to have seen Rachel a bit more angry than she was and Tony a bit more remorseful for his actions; not just to Rachel but in general. He was all a bit "it wont happen again, I wanna move on" and I'd have liked to have seen more of a reaction.

I also think the post natal depression storyline might have gone on a bit too long and too much was thrown at them along with it such as Rachel struggling to cope with a newborn, having Jane stalking them and accusing Rachel of being a bad Mum, then Rachel facing a lawsuit and Harry being kidnapped all with post natal depression. I think in some ways that's why I was glad that Rachel recovered so quickly when she got back from the clinic because I was sick of seeing things be so bad for so long and I was just happy to see things back to normal. But it's not really an honest portrayal.

What would you like to see Tachel do in 2010?: I quite like the storyline of Tony and Rachel having financial difficulties because it's something they can deal with together rather than be something that causes problems in their relationship. I think I'd like to see more of that in 2010, maybe one of them gets ill and seeing how they deal with it as a family. I'd really like to see Tony get his job back at the school or do something different; the gym doesn't really open up many storylines for him as a character and it would be good to see something different for him. Also it will be nice to just watch little family scenes of Harry growing up and the things that come with that, his first words etc. It might be nice to see more of Tony's paternal side with other children as well; the way he was with Geoff and Annie and maybe have Tachel take in a child in need. I think they're the right characters for it.

Overall comments: It's funny how this time last year we were all annoyed with how little screentime Tachel get and how they're the forgotten couple. Because I think we were definetely listened to and have had so much Tachel this year and so many storylines which have been beautifully done. I would like to see their storylines resolved better; they're always started so well and reach a huge climax yet the aftermath is always a bit stale so that's definetely something I would like to have seen done better. Overall though I'm really happy with them as a couple; they've gone through so much together and come through it stronger so I'm a happy Tachel fan :wub:

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Tachel are only still together because the writers cant be bothered doing anything much with them and at the end of the day thats not what couples are remembered for.

look at all the major couples, jack n martha, angel and shane, aden and belle, tom and pippa! as the saying goes.... 'true love couples never have happy endings'

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Tachel are only still together because the writers cant be bothered doing anything much with them and at the end of the day thats not what couples are remembered for.

look at all the major couples, jack n martha, angel and shane, aden and belle, tom and pippa! as the saying goes.... 'true love couples never have happy endings'

I totally totally agree with this!!

Tachel were always just in the background rarely getting any screentime and I find that very boring, some may say realistic but I don't watch soaps for realism , I watch for the drama. When you think of the great couples like Aden & Belle and Jack & Martha , they had such ups and downs during their time on the show and thats what makes them remembered, having a baby and getting married as a characters/couples 'big' storylines are just not newsworthy and aren't so memorable

When they even do get storylines they like to wrap them up quickly as well. In 2008 when Tony slept with Bridget we didn't see much of an aftermath and it wasn't dragged out in usual soap style, that says to me that they couldn't be bothered dragging out because it wastes some of the valuable screentime that could be given to others. Around that time we had Aden's court case and the on-offness of Adelle as well so that left no time for Tachel storylines so they we're just put all the way back on the shelf waiting for another storyline.

I personally think the time is right for them to pack up their little family and live somewhere else because they've had their baby and got married, they've run out of non existent storylines for them. If they thought that Roman's character had run its course then they must be flogging a dead horse with Tachel.

They just don't interest me at all!

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Tachel are only still together because the writers cant be bothered doing anything much with them and at the end of the day thats not what couples are remembered for.

look at all the major couples, jack n martha, angel and shane, aden and belle, tom and pippa! as the saying goes.... 'true love couples never have happy endings'

I disagree because I know I am not the biggest fan of the couple but I do like how they have a strong, solid, mainstay couple like Tony and Rachel. It brings a lot to a show that has people coming and going all the time.

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To be fair we don't know Tachel's ending yet so it's impossible to say they're not going to be remembered when we have no idea how they'll leave :lol:

Of course i want them to be happy and disappear into the sunset together with Harry but that's unlikely.

And they've been through a hell of a lot in their two years together, so i think the writers certainly do bother with them. :wink:

Tony and Rachel were cute yesterday, even though it was only a tiny scene. :wub:

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Tachel are only still together because the writers cant be bothered doing anything much with them and at the end of the day thats not what couples are remembered for.

look at all the major couples, jack n martha, angel and shane, aden and belle, tom and pippa! as the saying goes.... 'true love couples never have happy endings'

I don't agree with this at all. And Kevin I don't think that it's fair to say they're a couple who are always in the backgrounf. Last year, next to Belle and Aden, Tachel were the couple with the most storylines, they had loads of dramatic scenes and bits going on; Jack's death, the wedding, Belinda, Harry, postnatal depression etc. I think if the writers couldn 't be bothered to do anything with them then they wouldn't still be on the show.

I agree that we don't know how they're going to end so how can you say true love couples never have happy endings? For all we know they might have a tragic end (not that I want that because I think it's what makes them different.) You could argue that Robbie&Tasha were a major couple yet they had a happy ending!

The thing with me is I like that Tachel are different. I like that they're not the screenhogs or have ridiculously dramatic storylines all the time. Just because some people may not consider them a major couple it doesn't mean they aren't a worthy couple in their own right or characters that viewers want to watch. That's part of their charm - they're a more realistic couple who deal with issues that affect people every day. They didn't have a whirlwind romance like the 'major couples,' they had a more realistic being friends for years before falling in love storyline. It's more natural and real.

sportzgal - I agree there are plenty of family issues that can be dealt with using Tachel. Just because Tachel aren't one of the so called 'great' couples with ups and downs and loads of tragedy it doesn't make them any less loved or enjoyable in my opinion.

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