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Tony has worked and raised 2 sons completely on his own, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Would 2 days with his son really be that much of a struggle

Tony may have raised two sons, but I think it's fair to say he's a bit out of practice. It will take a while for him to get back into the swing of things, you can't expect him to be superdad because he's been a father of two. Also having a newborn is a stressful time, so it doesn't matter how experienced you are with something like that you're bound to have your good and bad times with caring for a newborn.

Of course I totally agree with you. I'm not expecting him to be perfect (although he practically is with Harry) :wub: and I imagine some days will be a struggle but he's only dealing with it 2 days a week whereas Rachel's dealing with it 5 days a week so all I was trying to say is that it will be silly

if the secret he's keeping from Rachel is that he can't cope with looking after Harry for those 2 days.

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The beach scene today was definitely the highlight of this week for me!! Harry is just adorable, and seeing Rachel giggling to him and being all relaxed is happy is lovely to see. :wub: And Tony asking him about the waves and kissing his little head :wub:

I quite like the fact they have a very realistic story going on right now. It was very typical of Tony to try and keep it quiet as not to worry her but i thought they both dealt with it really well and loved Rachel saying they were together in this and that they'd been through so much worse together - obviously very true! :lol:

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I was considering writing this in aus discussion but thought the non Tachel people might get sick of my fluffy post.

It is sooo nice to see Rachel & Tony having such a normal, realistic storyline and seeing them both totally besotted by Harry. Of course I'd like them to have a bit more of an exciting storyline soon but they've had an eventful year and a half and I think they deserve the break :P I love seeing Rachel enjoying Harry and playing with him, teaching him to stand up :wub: And Tony asking if he's grown since this morning trying to distract :lol: Rachel knows him better than that!

I feel so bad for Tony, he loves his job and I think he feels guilty because he's running it for Kit and Maddie. It's quite sweet how Rachel's trying to do everything she can to help keep it going for him.

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That's adorable. Love how Harry has his eye on the juice cup, Rachel is gazing at Tony and he is looking at Harry! :wub: And that baby has been used lots, i love him!

Although they've sort of been in the background with this story, it's nice to see them dealing with something very realistically together. I'm really enjoying seeing Rachel spent time with her son and being all happy and relaxed around him, talking to him, kissing him, cuddling him. I've liked that Tony and Rachel have pretty much dealt with things together and talked over things - they both seem to be in a really good place now. But i don't think going into business with John is the best idea :unsure:

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Aww I liked the happy Tachel tonight. :wub: Their dancing left a lot to be desired though! I did like that they were slow dancing to a quick song, it looked like Gina woke Tony up when she came over to them and they were all snuggled up holding hands :wub: Actually Tony looked quite drunk at certain times in the episode haha! And I did NOT miss the bum touch Rachel, naughty girl! :lol:

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Oh I'm so glad that there was a happy Tachel episode after all the dramas of the last few weeks and months. It's a nice way to cap off the year and on a happy note too. The two of them dancing together just made my year! I could watch them dance for hours on end - both slow dancing and funky dancing.

As for all the Harry's, I still think that the cutest and brightest one of all is the one featured after his kidnapping - the playful scene with HotDad on the bed as Rach looks at them both in awe, such a natural and endearing scene that was. The Harry this week wanting to start on drinking juice much earlier than anticipated, instead of sticking to milk, at Noah's Bar comes a close second though in the cuteness stakes.

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I thought I'd do a questionnaire similar to what QA did last year to get everyone's thoughts on Tachel this year! Try and give explanations rather than just answers, it'll be interesting to see why people chose what they did :)

Favourite Tachel storyline:

Most romantic Tachel scene:

Top 3 favourite Tachel scenes:

Worst Tachel storyline:

Worst Tachel scene:

Most emotional Tachel scene:

Best acted Tachel scene:

Most memorable moment:

Do you think making Tachel parents has been a good move:

Favourite pieces of dialogue:

Most surprising Tachel scene/storyline:

Are you pleased with Tachel this year?:

Best Jon/Tony scene:

Best Amy/Rachel scene:

Favourite interactions with other characters both individually and as a couple

Is there anything you would have changed or done differently?:

What would you like to see Tachel do in 2010?:

Overall comments:

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