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I really liked tonights episode, Tachel & Harry :(

Poor Rach, at least she has finally admitted to Tony, that she has a problem and that she needs help

Great episode - very good acting from Amy & Jon

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I thought tonights was really well done. Amy was amazing, as she usually is in those kind of scenes. And Jon too, they work so well together.

I am so glad Rachel finally admitted she needed help. I really hope now the writers move on with this and actually show her making progress. Admitting you have a problem is very hard - especially for Rachel as she thinks admitting she is struggling equates to her being a bad mother - but she is lucky Tony is right there for her as is Leah. I hope now she'll accept their support and get back to how she was.

I felt incredibly sorry for them both. Poor Rachel blaming herself and telling Tony it's all her fault and getting hysterical when they first arrived at the hospital. Tony just grabbing her and not letting go was really powerful and i loved how she just broke down in tears and gripped onto him. And Tony's scene with Leah was sad. His face when Leah mentioned PND was heartbreaking. I'm glad they've managed to do it quite realistically. PND is a very real and serious issue and it affects so many women. It's not something you can prevent and Rachel's situation is sadly quite common.

Poor Tony when he told her he couldn't loose her as well, that was really touching and she just cried. It was also very sad when Rach said Harry would be better off without her and how Tony should hate her :(

Tonights reminded me why i love Tachel so much. Tony so easily could have blamed her for what happened, shouted at her for not listening to him sooner etc but he didn't. He was so worried about her and so incredibly supportive. As a couple they've been through more than most people go through in a lifetime but they've stuck by each other regardless and give unconditional support. It's refreshing to see a couple not breaking up as soon as things get a bit difficult but sticking by each other and coming through anything that's thrown their way.

On a lighter note, little Harry is just adorable. It was very sweet when he was gripping Rachel's finger in the hospital. Bless. I'm glad he is gonna be fine. (Leah's blog said it all :lol: ).

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4955 just reminded my why I love watching Tony and Rachel's relationship so much.

Although it's been a storyline which has been going on for months now, pretty much ever since they brought Harry home from hospital, the post natal depression storyline has been one of the best written of this sort in my opinion. As a fan I haven't particularly enjoyed watching all this constant tension with Rachel snapping at Tony and trying to take control over Harry but that's the illness and a very realistic portrayal. It's been sad to watch her struggling and not understanding why she can't make her own son settle and it's also been sad to see Tony putting up with it and not understanding what's wrong with her.

Tony has been an amazing support all through it though. He's tried his best to encourage her abilities as a mother and I think he learned when he should and shouldn't be challenging her, just learning to take her moods on the chin. It will be a huge relief for him I think to know there was a reason she's been acting this way for so long because he was getting to the end of his tether I think. He was so sensitive in yesterday's episode and I loved that he was the one who was finally able to get through to her and when she didn't want to admit it, he left her and let her come to him when she was ready. He easily could have blamed her for what happened but he didn't despite his own pain and worry that Harry was going to die. It was so sad when he told Rachel that he'd lost so many people and he didn't want to lose her, he maybe thought she was headed for a breakdown if she didn't get help and so I'm looking forward to seeing things start to improve. I highly doubt they'll be perfect straight away as that's not the reality of post natal depression but hopefully now she's admitted she needs help they can start eo enjoy little Harry and be a family again.

Harry. Is. Just. Gorgeous :wub: When he was clutching Rachel's hand all throughout the episode it was so sweet. :wub:

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Was quite a good episode in tonights (4964) with Tachel :)

It was good to see Tony spending some time alone with Harry, I dont think he is struggling, he just had a baby to look after. Was lovely to watch though, seeing him alone at home with Harry ^_^

& I thought it was sweet how Rach kept phoning to check up on him. Speaking of Rachel, it was nice to see her looking refreshed after being back at work for a day, its done her the world of good, she's much different to how she's been since bringing Harry home.

& I liked it when they said "I love you" :wub: thought it was really sweet :D

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Totally agree with you Zoe!!! It's amazing how much of a difference there is in Rachel already, she's all smiley and bubbly and I noticed the vast increases of kisses and cuddles between her and Tony :wub: And it's been a good few months since we heard her tell Tony she loves him,it was nice to see her really making an effort with Tony today, letting him know she wasn't taking him for granted and his support meant the world to her. And for her to keep calling him and make sure he was ok and to be worried when he said he got called into work shows how she's really making an effort to make this new arrangement work for all of them as a family.

I agree also that I don't think he's struggling. Obviously he had a stressful day but that's just the demands of a new born baby (although Harry is massive :lol: ) and he's only got Harry on his own for 2 days a week. He's brought up 2 children on his own already so I'm sure looking after Harry is easy compared to that! He's been such an amazing supportive husband so far and it's lovely to see their relationship becoming stronger again now that Rachel's getting treatment for the PND.

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It was so wonderful today to see Rachel so positive and happy. She was pretty much glowing throughout and it's obvious how much being back at work is helping her. And clearly the happier she is within herself, the better it is for Harry. I liked how they had her callling to check up on Harry and when Tony came into the diner with him she went straight to look in his pram.

It was lovely to see Tony spending some quality time with his son and i think it's a really great move. Every mum deserves a break and Rach just so happens to want to spend her's at work! :lol: But for just 2 days a week i think it's the best thing she could have done, not just for herself but for Harry and Tony. Already today she's more like her old self and it's just really nice to see that.

Lastly, it was great to see Tony and Rachel all affectionate and happy with each other. Tony's been an incredible support to her and i'm grateful she acknowledged how much that means to her - and she was genuinly concerned about how he was. They have such a strong relationship and that's really been proven this past few months.

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Tony has worked and raised 2 sons completely on his own, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Would 2 days with his son really be that much of a struggle

Tony may have raised two sons, but I think it's fair to say he's a bit out of practice. It will take a while for him to get back into the swing of things, you can't expect him to be superdad because he's been a father of two. Also having a newborn is a stressful time, so it doesn't matter how experienced you are with something like that you're bound to have your good and bad times with caring for a newborn.

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