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I'm an avid Rachel hater. But this couple do work well together even if I do hate one half :P I'd prefer if these two didn't get married. Summer Bay marriages seem to go down the drain after a few months... which is a shame.

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I think the main reason why Rachel and Tony are liked more is because they are older and much more mature. They both have their full-time jobs and their real life issues and that makes the relationship much more believable, IMO.

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I don't know, sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't.

For a while it seemed a bit contrived, almost like they were the only two of a certain age group that were single so they just stuck them together.

But over time it has become more convincing and I think they do make sense and have a lot of really great moments together.

Like Cal, I kind of wish they'd drop the wedding idea. Especially considering Rachel's most recent marriage experience, it seems more likely that she'd want to wait a lot longer before taking it down the aisle again. I think they should just live together, it feels more right for them as a couple.

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I think they made a great couple. I love how they were friends first, and gradually it became more. I think the Bay needs a stable, older couple and Rachel and Tony work really well together. I think their relationship was a bit rushed, but i'm not sure what H&A time is as opposed to 'real time.' It's good their relationship has been pretty much drama free until now, kinda more realistic than a lot of couples!! I love the drama, but i do also love the 'real' moments they have together.

It's clear they love each other very much, and i do hope they end up staying together for as long as they're in the soap. Amy and Jon have great chemistry and they're fun to watch. I think they are holding off the wedding for now. She said as much after what happened. But maybe with the baby coming they'll want to do it before its born...i guess we'll have to wait and see.

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maybe they should hold off the wedding until the baby is born like you said kirsty because with the baby they will have a lot going on , the wedding will just add more pressure :P so they should get married but not right away , they could wait until the baby is a few months old and everything hectic has died down a bit

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