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I agree with what a lot of you are saying.

In my opinion, I think that Aden and Belle shouldn't be together. I know many may beg to differ and have their own takes on the whole Adelle relationship but I think that they've reached their peak, and have become stale.

Belle needs to be able to stand on her own two feet without Aden and be able to address her problem, at the end of it she'll be stronger and maybe recovering alone is the best thing for her. :unsure:

I think Aden and Nicole could be intresting and I'd like to see that relationship because we've only really seen Aden with Belle and so being with someone new would be intresting to see. :wub:

I think at the moment Aden and Belle are just not at the same places they want to be and that maybe Belle expects Aden to be there and now Aden has realised that maybe it's harder than he thought.

The big question I am dying to hear an answer for is...


:ph34r: Anyone know?

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I honestly think that him being


is nothing more than dramatization given to us by the spoilers.

Maybe he does get kicked out but he might also be given a place to stay from idk..irene

on that same day? Im not sure but sometimes these spoilers make something little seem like something big. Either way i can't wait for it to air :D

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I don't think he'll stay homeless for long. Someone has got to give him a bed somewhere. He could live with Miles since he hasn't replaced Melody.

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Belle/Aden wont last because

1) they are not real people

2) most couples dont survive

3) 1 will leave before the other

4) Belles a twit :lol:

5) 1 will stuff it up they take it in turns

6) they will both cheat on each other

& many more

1) Wow really they're not real people hmmmm funny that, I thought Home and Away was a reality show :blink:

2) Agree with you on that

3) true but who ????

4) Nah shes actually pretty dope, her characters faaaar more interesting than others. For shaw!!!

5) Sounds like the H&A cast to me

6) although they've both

slept with other people

they weren't together....but other than that, i can't see that bit happening :D

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lol! Home and away - reality show, bhahaha! Good one baliey. Yeah I think people are aware Adelle and other characters are not real. Some fans care about adelle, some fans care about other couples on the show. But I'm pretty sure the fans know the characters are NOT "real people". Just because they are ficitional characters, does that mean they're gonna spilt?

Belle's a twit now? I thought she was a drama queen or was that a skank. HAHAHA! Gotta love Belle! One fiesty girl, Whooohoo. :)

Ahh yeah I don't think Aden and Belle have cheated on each other, they were broken up when they kiss/slept with someone. Belle hasn't cheated on Aden, but she cheated on Angelo.

I don't think one of the partners leaving can stop them from being together or a couple.

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