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Miles used to be one of my favourite characters since he arrived. He still kinda is but I don't love nearly as much as I used to.

He has such a quirky sense of humor. His lines crack me up all the time. His character was also very interesting and different from the others. Which is a plus because it's not often that HAA can come up with a character that is not the carbon copy of another character. I love his friendship with Roman. I look forward to every scene they are in together. I wish Miles and Jazz had lasted. They were so different yet so perfect for each other. I loved how patient he was with Jai when he first arrived, acted out and wasn't acting grateful for all of Miles help. In the end his patience was definitely worth it(you'd think that would make him understand that all Melodys ungrateful behaviour isn't because shes a spoilt brat and grounding her isn't the answer but spending time with and talking to her is). His scenes with Ollie are adorable. Hes like a big kid himself.

Recently though I haven't felt very positive towards him. His relationship with Kirsty and the terrible way hes been handling the Melody situation is making it very hard for me to like anything about him at the moment.

I hated the way he treated Ric after the whole kissing Kirsty thing. Ric was really sorry yet he kept making comments to everyone about how Ric ruined things for Kirsty. The way Kirsty kept going on as if Ric was going to pounce on her at any second if she moved in, I would have thought Miles would have atleast been on his side and tried to explain to her that Ric just made a mistake. Forget Kirsty feeling uncomfortable, I would think Ric should have felt more uncomfortable about everything as everyone in his own house was looking at him as if he was the most horrible person in the world for making a stupid mistake. Also didn't like the way Miles let her get away with screaming at Jai(after the whole Ollie hurting his arm thing) without saying nothing but one small comment about it. And now he spends more of his time running after Kirsty then helping the extremely troubled teen who lives in his house and clearly needs him. Hes okay letting a bunch of teenagers deal with her. Right now I don't think hes fit at all to be a foster partent. If he was he would have realised that when a teen acts out they are ungrateful, do unlikeable things, and treat the people who care about them like crap. But you don't just ground them and finish with it you need to get involved and try and help them whether they think they need the help or not. I guess thats something he didn't get from Sally. Maybe he needs to phone her and have a long chat where she explains what being a foster parent is all about and that troubled kids don't just get better because you give them a loving house to live in but it's takes alot of hard work, patience and time if he wants to help them. The way hes handling this situation irritates me so much. Especially since I expected so much more from someone like him. It's a good thing that Kirsty wasn't in his life when Jai first came and needed him. Because who knows where Jai would be now?

I hope this relationship ends soon so Miles can go back to being one of my favourites. I miss the person he used to be in the beginning of the year. Before life for him became all about Kirsty.

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It's funny I've spent so much time hating the way Miles has been handling the Melody situation and in the episode(yesterday's) where I am finally happy with the attention he seems to be paying her he gets called on his parental skills by Bartlett. It made me feel a bit sorry for him, whereas anytime before I would have said he deserves it. I do think Miles was showing signs of improvement in this episode, whether it's because Kirsty wasn't present, I'm not sure. But I am still glad that Bartlett said that. I think he needed to hear it.

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I saw the ep from today on Fiver from ages ago when Colleen found out she was a Stewart, and Miles looked different... his eyebrow bar!! I only realised today that he hasn't had it in recently/for ages! When did he stop wearing it!? I didn't even notice, how bad of a fan am i! I can't believe i never noticed until now. I don't know how i didn't notice coz i just stare at him when hes on <3

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