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Irene Roberts - Lynne McGranger

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Irene has always been on of my favourite characters, and its fantastic to see her more center stage again. I don't trust Lou one inch, but it's nice to see her have a happy time for a while, and this will be the calm before the storm i have no doubt at all. I think when they return it's not going to be all plain sailing :P

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I have no problem with the abuse storyline because it does match up with her history. The episode just shown in the UK where she talks about marrying Mud when she was too young and her actions was a g

JamesC10 - I completely agree. Maybe when the Braxton era comes to an end, we will hopefully see the return of a more character driven ensemble storylines. Irene has been criminally underused in pre

The Facebook profiles you're referring to for Alan and Lynne are fake (I know that for a fact), and I'm not even sure why anyone would believe they're real given the comments they're coming out with.

I am delighted that Irene is at long last getting a story line, even if we do have to wait several weeks for the next installment :P I thought that the scenes in The Diner when she was telling Lou about her alcoholism were just sensational, and as usual Lynne nailed them to perfection. I really do not know what to make of Lou at all, I want to think he is the nice bloke that Alf, Leah and all of the others seem to believe, and that this is actually going to be a lovely romantic interlude for Irene. Then I remember that this IS Irene, and that she has the worlds worst luck with men and is fated to be burned in love. I am worrying for her already. That wife or soon to be ex wife looks like she could be trouble with a capital T as well. But whatever happens, the bottom line is that I am over the moon that Lynne gets to have a a decent time in the limelight again. She deserves it.

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Hooray Irene has (at last) a storyline :D Its great to see Irene have a bit of romance in her life, im just so glad she told Lou she was an alcoholic, and the fact that he didn't run a mile is definately a good sign. I just hope he turns out to be the one for Irene as she deserves to be happy.

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Could someone please help clear something up for me?

I'm doing a catch up on H&A at the moment and am currently viewing the storyline where Irene is having some trouble with Lou's ex-wife. Now I don't get a chance to watch H&A every night, so I usually have to do a catch up like this every few weeks, which can sometimes make remembering storylines a little hard. But I was *sure* when we were first introduced to Lou his storyline was that he'd not long ago lost his wife (by death, not divorce).

Am I remembering it wrong? Or did his history quickly get changed in the show for the sake of a good bitchy ex-wife storyline?

Thanks! :)

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Wow. I was shocked by Irene in the last few episodes.

For as long as I have been watching (ok, not very long :P) she has said pretty much nothing except, "Don't worry about it dahl" and I never realised what an amazing actress she is.

Hopefully now she'll be recognized.

Those of us who are long term viewers have always known this and have been totally bemused by the fact that the writers and producers suddenly stopped using her a few years ago and ignored her. They used to give Irene some great story lines, funny, sad, or dramatic, and Lynne always did them justice, and she was always amazing. Hopefully this is the beginning of the return of Irene, because as you say she is an amazing actress and it is a criminal waste if they don't use her. I thought she was superlative in mondays episode and I have high hopes of seeing some more fantastic scenes from Lynne.

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