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Geoff Campbell - Lincoln Lewis


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I like Geoff A LOT now.

He's less judgemental and hypocritical, he's finally away from Melody *gah* and he just seems...nice! Like his character has balanced out a little.

And I kinda like the idea of Geoff/Ruby *grins sheepishly*

Geoff has warmed to me in the last few weeks. I really liked him in the episode when Belle told him about her cancer - he really cried.

I wouldn't mind a Geoff/Ruby pairing. I do like their friendship, but I also wouldn't mind if they became something more :wink:.

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Im a Geoff and Nicole fan. So no thanks to a Geoff and Ruby relationship.

Im really hoping (still, I know) for a Geoff and Nicole reunion.

Ruby I like with Xavier.

I am liking the Ruby/Geoff friendship though. I just wish for once they can have a guy and a girl forming a close friendship with it staying completely platonic!

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I have always liked Geoff as a charecter but with the recent storylines I am beginning to like him even more. I especially like his friendship with Ruby, they seem to bounce of each other really well. I know that this friendship was thrown together rather quickly but i love the way it is developing. He genuinely seems to care about Ruby and is always checking to see if she is okay. I wouldnt mind a Geoff/Ruby pairing either they seem like a good match.

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I always liked Geoff, however when he was paired with Claudia I went off him dramatically and found him hypocritical, judgemental and annoying. But now that Claudia has gone I've slowly warmed back up to his character.

And now I really like him again :lol:

I really hope H&A keep Ruby and Geoff just friends, but since this is Home And Away, it's very unlikely. <_<

Ughhh for once can't we just have a boy and girl friendship. Just because one is female and one is male doesn't mean they have to sleep together! <_<


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I'm one of those fans who is desperate for a Niff reunion, because I feel there is still some chemistry, and a relationship would be much stronger now they had got closer as friends and been through so much together...

But - in the meantime a Geoff/Ruby pairing would be bearable.. as long as they handled it right

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I have decided to give the Geoff/Ruby thing a chance.. but I will always really prefer Niff, who knows they might get a second chance but Geoff and Ruby aren't that bad.. if it does happen [its been all but confirmed] I can't wait to see Xavier's reaction.. ha!

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