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Ruby Buckton - Rebecca Breeds


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I loved Rubes we she first started, well maybe not straight away but in the same year she arrived in the bay I liked her.

I still do like her, but I hate how she is right now when it comes to Charlie and the deal with Romeo and he guys. She's a teenager at the end of the day and shes going to act out against her mum, but, when she tells Charlie to back off and she can make her own decisions...I hate it when she does this -

when Charlie said "Your decision to sleep with Romeo was a good one"

(IMO) I dont think it was harsh, it needed to be said. She can act like a brat, but I think she is just looking for that one person who she can relate to and talk to, but she needs to actually listen to what people say to her ad not just blow up when ayone says something to her that she doesn't like.

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Then why not let Ruby blow up like she has been? Let her make her own decisions, let her break ties with people. I gurantee you it won't be long before she comes running back with her tail between her legs when she realises the real world is a lot harsher than the safe sheltered world she's been living in thanks to Charlie and her friends etc.

She's a headstrong teenager who wants to grow up before her time. Why not let her live in the real world for a while and fend for herself. Too often Charlie comes running to Ruby's defence over every little thing. Which in my opinion is someone who is trying to over parent. If I had done half the things Ruby has, my parents would make me suffer the consequences and own up to what I'd done. Not go storming around trying to fix things for me.

Charlie's trying desperately to make up for 16 years of missed opportunities by over parenting Ruby all at once and clearly it's not working. I mean Ruby being head strong and acting out is nothing new. Even when Ross was her dad she still defied his rules and lectures. But eventually when she had time to cool off she came around.

But Charlie seems hell bent on making things right. Which I can understand. But she has serious issues with authority. She tends to take a very hard stance with Ruby, but when Ruby doesn't react well she spends the rest of the week apologising to her daughter. If that was me and my mother she would tell me off and wait for me to come back grovelling. Not run around the town trying to make it up to me.

Like I said in another post. I believe this is down to Charlie's fear of pushing Ruby away. She's afraid that if she comes down too hard on Ruby she'll run off. Much like she did after she found out Charlie was her mother. I can understand her concern. But it's been two years. If she wants to be a proper mother to Ruby and keep her on the straight and narrow then she needs to take a firm stance with her when it needs be. Even if she risks pushing her away. I mean it's not like Ruby will go far. She'll probably just end up at Irenes

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As I've mentioned in a couple of other threads, I've actually found Ruby more likeable this year. For the past year or two, she's been a kind of writer's pet, Miss Always-Right-Who's-Always-Wrong, someone we're apparently supposed to automatically think is marvellous and wonderful when she's clearly nothing of the sort.But this year she's been portrayed as a genuinely flawed character, with both good and bad points, who can be surprisingly mature or frustratingly self-centred, kind or selfish, and is clearly meant to be that way, allowing her to do the wrong thing without really coming across as a bad person.I find a character like that a lot easier to relate to and it makes it a lot more satisfying when she actually does do the right thing.

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Ruby's another character who I've done a complete 180 on this year.I started off expecting to hate her for going after Romeo but when the storyline came I actually found myself sympathising with her.It has now reached the point where I rather like her:She's someone who still makes mistakes but can also be surprisingly responsible and mature at times and who seems to have rediscovered that quirky side which they seemed to have hammered out of the character in late 2008.I hope she doesn't end up going off the rails, I think there's an opportunity for her to step up here.

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While I know that Ruby is really only looking for solace and comfort in


arms, I think that they could actually make quite an interesting couple if the writers ever decided to take the couple seriously.

He can be a bit eccentric but he is very grounded and he would be of great comfort to Ruby I think. Her relationship with Casey will be most likely strained for awhile due to his inevitable link with the River Boys who Ruby thinks mainly contributed to the death of her mother.



comes from a fairly stable, cool and collected family and I think it would actually be quite good for her.

I am a big fan of Ruby and Casey though so I do hope that they get back together sometime soon. The love between them is really sincere, and Casey loves her so much.

So ... Fingers crossed! :D

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I think I read somewhere though that Rebecca and Luke were adamant that their characters' relationship would not mirror their own personal relationship, which I can completely understand and approve of.

It is almost too easy though for Ruby and Romeo to get together... I'd say they would get together and then realise that they are not as good together as they thought they would be. At least then the temptation would be gone...

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