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Thurs, 30 Oct 08 - Episode # 4749

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Halloween, That’s An American Thing “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 30 Oct 08 – Episode # 4749]


Martha is way emotional and stressed out as she worries to Jack & Rachel that maybe that chemo won’t work abd that she will still have the cancer once the treatment is finished. Rachel agrees that its nest for Jack to take Martha home today – and perhaps try the chemo aging tomorrow [if Martha is up for it].


Tony is preparing some decorations of the Halloween party her at the surf club, but when he asks Alf what he ticks of them, Alf comments that Halloween is more an American thing that an auusie tradition.

A guy by the name of Brian Lawler enter the room,a dn asks bout Bridget. He asks Tony for her phone #, but Tony say that he will pass on an msg to Bridget that Brian is looking for her.


Aden enters Belle’s room, and as they chat [mostly about his upcoming exams], Aden lends her his iPod – so she wonmlt be so bored in her.

Aden & Belle kiss but they are interrupted when Rachel enters the room. Aden immiadeailey bails.

Rachel then tells Belle that she will be discharges from the hospital this afternoon.


Tony sees Bridget and tells her about how Brian is in to9wn and is looking for her. Bridget asks Tony not to get jack involved in this – and Tony saystat he won’t


Jack talks to Martha about what happened today. She waaaaay emotionally tells him that its like chemo, although it makes her ill [temporarily] is her safety net. Martha isn't sure tat she is strong enough to fight the cancer once this last chemo sessions is over. Jack tells Martha tat he is sure tat she will be able to do this – and Martha seem to take a lot of heart from that.


Murray enters Belle’s room. When she asks, he insist that he didn’t take the consent formes etc FOM her car. He sluggers tat they were taken by the ppl who ran her off the road..

Murray tells be that he’s heard that they are planning to move the toxic waste tonight, and Belle tells him that she will go with him to the site t6oniight [as she is being discharged today].


Bran approaches Bridget and reminds her of all the money she owes him. She says that she will get his money. Brian suggested to Bridget that she’s probably already working a scam in this town, as Bridget couldn’t go straight if her life depends in it.

As Brian walks way, Colleen wonders if Bridget knew that man, but Bridget syasthat she was just helping a lost tourist.


Belle is putting her tigs in a bag as Angelo enters the room. He gives her some flowers. He is pleas that it looks like she’s about t be discharged and can go home. Angelo however sinlt pleased when he finds Aden’s iPod on Belle’s hospital; bed. She trios to tell him that Aden just like how Angelo has just given her flowers.

Rachel enters the room – and gives Belle the all clear, i.e. she can go.


Belle & Angelo enter and Irene isn’t ken that she is hare and not resting at home. Belle insist that she’s been cooped up at the hospital for ages and needed to be out and about

Affeer Irene had walked way; Angelo isn’t pleased when Belle tells him that Murray visited her in hospital. Angelo tells Belle to promise him that she will stay away form Murray. Naturally Belle isn't keen on the idea.


Tony talks to Alf bout Brain & Bridget, before colleen arrives. She wants Alf to check if the surf club wants more food [than what the diner has suggested] for the Halloween party. Alf quickly answers colonel’s queries for her can get back to chat bout Bridget.


Aden approaches the counter and talks to roman and how he thinks that he did VERY well at her 1st exam. Aden kinda mocks Roman when he suggests that Aden did that well because of the breakfast of champions that Roman made him.

Nearby, Brian approaches Bridget. Although she denies it, he thinks that Bridget has a cam going in this town.

Soon after, Bridget tells Alf that Brian is in town because he lends her money for the treaty met that she needed for cancer. She says that Brian was totally ok with her paying him in instalments, but he wants the remaining $2000 now. Bridget is swaaaaaaaaay pleased when Alf tell her that he will lend her the money.


JnM talk about ahts’ going on with her. when Jack wonders if Martha would use a time machine to look aheaed to see what happens, Martha says that the wouldn’t, as if it much worse, it would rally convince her to give u now. Martha tells Jack that all they can rally do IS live day by day – and hope for the best.


its night time, and Bridget gives brain the $2000, but he isn’t convince that she hasn’t got a scam going in the is wown.


Roman answers the dor, and has a weird chat with Angelo. Weird in the Angelo is initially looking for Charlie, and then Aden. When Angelo ions gone, Roman wonders what just occurred.


Belle & Murray are in a car – but, with no action happening [late night removal of the waste], Belle & Angelo decide to bail.


Next day, Irene pints out to Belle that Angelo was looking for her last night, and when Angelo enters moments later. Belle well & truly comments on the 10 or so message that he left on her phone, and his vests to the beach house etc last night. Angelo however is annoyed when Belle says that she was at the site last night with Murray. Once more, Angelo asks her to stay way form this – and once more, Belle doesn’t like that.


Bridget counts that rest of the money tat Alf gave her [that she didn’t give to Brian]. Alf approaches and Bridget tells him that Brian has been paid and has left town. Bridget tells Alf that she will pay him back as soon as she can, and Alf responds by seeing the he knows that she will – or he wouldnblt have lent her the money.


Aden tells belle that he wants her to break up with Angelo and to tell the world that truth about their ‘shiop, but Bell say that all of this [development site stuff] mean that this is BIGGER that their ‘ship and she might need Angelo’s help right now. Belle emotionally tells Aden that she doesn’t want anyone else to die when it can be prevented.

Aden however tell belle that until she ends tings with Angelo, they’ll be no more sneaky round behind Angelo’s back tween them. Belle seems rather shocked – but Aden insists that he just can’t do this any more.



Melody turns up at the Halloween party in same outfit at Nicole – and she tricks Geoff into kissing her

Barrels of Toxic material is being moved for the development site

Angelo phones Belle – telling her that Angelo can’t be trusted

Annie breaks up with Jai – their ‘ship is getting too physical for her liking

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: purple short sleeve blouse


Rachel: red low cut v neck knee length dress


Irene: light pink short sleeve blouse


Aden: grey t/denim jeans

Aden: SBH uniform

Alf: dark blue [light blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: olive green [yellow check] button up shirt

Angelo: yellow [white “Henley’s”] t

Angelo: light blue police shirt

Belle: black & white horizontal striped top/denim jacket/dark long pants

Belle: black [red “Norton” logo] t/dark long pants

Belle: black singlet top

Brian Lawler: drown long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Bridget: grey scoop t

Bridget: red scoop t

Colleen: red [yellow native floral] blouse/white top

Jack: black long sleeve top/white t/denim jeans

Martha: green hoodie/white t/denim jeans/blue [white swirls] bandana

Murray: off white t/dark zip up jacket

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Tony: green [apple green stripe across chest] polo shirt

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