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The Return Of The Conquering Hero

Guest rfran

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This is the first time I've posted hope it's ok??????

Story Title: The return of the conquering hero

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Aden Roman and Nicole.

Characters Mentioned: Belle

BTTB rating: G/T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Occurs between 4742 and 4743 so yes out of Aus

Any warnings: No.

Summary: The following are two scenes I thought of to follow the Adelle reunion

After seeing Belle on the pier Aden has been making the most of the of the return of his “window privileges” getting cosy under the “fluffy dooner” while Angelo was in hospital. He left early the following morning to avoid getting caught.

Aden was in the kitchen reaching for a glass from the cupboard. Roman had heard the door, as he walked in he noted that Aden was still in last night’s clothes.

‘Where have you been your supposed to be studying for your HSC Aden?’

‘Out’ the younger man answered in a sullen tone quite at odds with the excited look on his face.

‘I know I’m not your father but you are already repeating year 12 and spending all night out is not going to help your chances not to mention the bad example it sets for Nicole, as if she needs any encouragement’

‘Look its o.k. I was going to get my books out now and anyway Nicole won’t be down for ages yet’

‘That’s as maybe but it doesn’t tell me where you were all night’

‘Look I can’t tell you yet, just trust me I’m not doing anything to sabotage my exams, I..’ Aden yawned ‘slept well and I’ll let you know where I was as soon as I can just don’t tell anyone...... Please.’ He opened the fridge door ‘ Especially Nicole’ he finished as he poured an orange juice

‘Especially Nicole what?’ the blond haired girl said sleepily appearing in the kitchen.

‘We were talking about you not to you’ Aden snapped taking the glass of orange and making for the door.

After a pause Nicole responded ‘You are not going to let him get away with saying that are you Dad’ in a saccharin tone, trying to emphasise there relationship over the one Roman shared with Aden

‘Aden’ Roman called but he had already left the room and showed no sign of returning

‘I will speak to him later’ then trying hard to move the conversation on Roman continued ‘How come you’re up at this time’

‘You’re trying to change the subject’ Nicole responded as Roman sighed knowing she had seen though his attempt as she continued ‘The dirty stop out was only just getting home wasn’t he, I wonder which girls hart he’s been breaking?’

‘Nicole!’ Roman said with a start but was unable to continue as he wondered the same thing. One thing was for sure whoever it was they were going to have their hart broken; Aden was still in love with Belle


After several hours revision Aden had been to the gym, he felt refreshed and he returned home ready to get back to his books, he felt good, his head hadn’t been this clear since........... well for months now. He knew Belle loved him and even if he was going to have to wait to tell the world he knew and that was what really mattered, he could be patient well he could try!!

He pushed open the door hoping Nicole wasn’t there, she was.

‘Hello lover boy’ Nicole piped up as he entered

‘Shut up Nicole you don’t know what you’re talking about’

‘Well’ Nicole analysed ‘You weren’t hung over, and other than being in what were obviously the clothes you went out in last night you were not to crumpled, so that tells me you must have stayed over with someone last night.’

‘Yea, well so what if I did, it’s none of your business’ Aden barked over defensively

‘Take it from me rebound relationships are always messy’ She continued

‘Here speaks the fountain of all knowledge’ he responded sarcastically

‘So does Belle know?’ Nicole asked fishing for a response

His face flushed slightly at her name, in his bid to hide his secret words tumbled from his mouth tripping each other up in their rush to be heard ‘Why would she need to know, who says I was with anyone any way, I was at a mates’

Nicole looked at him suspiciously knowing he was lying but trying to work out where the truth lay.

‘Well you weren’t at a mates, you don’t have close enough friends to stay over and anyway you’d have been worried about having nightmares’ she concluded. Silence fell as her brain ticked over the possibilities.........

‘You were with her weren’t you; you can’t lie to me you were with Belle’

His face first became a picture of guilt before it was super seeded by relief he urgently replied

‘You can’t tell anyone’


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