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Robbie Red

Guest Solarbaby

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Title: Robbie Red

Author: Solarbaby

Rating: T

Warnings: Insane-ness?

Word Count: 203

Summary: Robbie hated the color red.

Notes: I haven’t the faintest idea just where this idea came from. It was very left field for me.


Robbie Hunter hated the color red. He hated how it could paint the walls and how it danced across his vision. Red was a permanent part of him, just under the surface of his skin, unwanted, waiting for the chance to strike.

He hated the way it sat on his clothes, mocking, laughing at him. Bleach after bleach never seemed to get rid of it. All it ever seemed to do was make his hands redder and redder. (Why won’t you go away?)

They talked, he knew this, called him strange, weird.

Sometimes even crazy. (Insane)

Robbie knew it was true. It had to be to some degree. What else could this obsessive hatred be called?


Pain was laced with red. The loss of loved one after loved one like it was an epidemic. It was never ending. (Like the story…)

The red was never ending.

Red made him suffer. It caused him hurt. This was no longer merely a color but an idea, a theory, a thing all on its own.

Because, who else but someone who has felt the touch, the slickness, of red on his hands would be able to tell you what the concept of red really was?


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