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Summer Bay's Romeo and Juliet

Guest Adelle2008

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Story Title: Summer Bay's Romeo and Juliet

Type of story: Short fic

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Nicole, Geoff

BTTB rating: G

Genre: General Audiences

Any warnings: Fan fics may be addictive!

Does story include spoilers: kind of

Is story being proof read: nope

Summary: Belle helps Aden out with HSC study, Belle misses Aden

Chapter 1

It was Wednesday afternoon just under a week before the HSC. It would be the most important test of twelve years of schooling. Aden for once in his life was knuckling down and focused on his school work. After his trail he decided it was time to make the most of what life had to offer.

[3:30pm at Diner]

Nicole was flicking through the girlfriend magazines bored out of her brain while Aden studied as hard as he could. In the back of his mind he knew that the girl of his dreams was working that afternoon. Maybe she would be impressed by his enthusiasm and work ethic. But regardless of whether Belle would be impressed or not he didn't care as Aden wanted to do the best he possibly could in the HSC. After all he wanted to prove that he could make his life better without any problems as his father, Larry had been the one who had contributed the most to his troubles. Belle raced out of the kitchen quickly carrying two plates overflowing with chips along with a deliciously looking hamburger. Aden caught a glance of her eyes and then returned back to Harper Lee's "To kill a Mockingbird". Nicole became irritated and finally decided to leave the diner due to the lack of discussion and the same old girlfriend magazines which she had read at least three times each.

"I think I'm going to just go now, and leave you with your impressive book" Nicole said sarcastically.

"Okay, princess… hey maybe you'll run into bible boy on your way home! Bet he'll kept you entertained" As he rolled his eyes

with a cheeky smirk. It was getting late and dark gradually people mostly teenagers left the diner, while Aden continued studying unaware of the time. There were at least four people remaining still chatting and finishing off their meals. Stressed and tired Aden started to get annoyed as he couldn't figure out how to do advanced calculus.

(Sighing) "I never am going to get this!" slamming the textbook on the table. Belle couldn't help but notice, instantaneously she wanted to help him.

"Are you alright... What's wrong?"

"Nothing" he said softly.

"You sure, I can help you if you like?" saying in a comforting voice.

"Well...unless you know how to do advance calculus and can get my brain to understand it in less than 24 hours, then go ahead".

"I think I'll be able to get it through to you"

"What you know how to do calculus?"

"Well in order to help you wouldn't I have to know how to do it?"

"Hmm… unless its another excuse to spend more time with me.. Oh but I guess you're too busy with your super cop boyfriend to actually help me"

"Aden, all I was doing is trying to help you. Just get over yourself okay, look if you want the help I'll help you otherwise – "

"Okay, I'm sorry" Aden said sweetly which caused butterflies to flutter in her stomach.

"That's okay, you're tired" Belle trying to hold back a smile.

{9:00pm Back at Roman's}

Belle started to explain to her former boyfriend how to do the mathematics. Every now and then they both would gaze directly into each other's eyes. Belle would often brake these moments by turning away realizing what she was doing. Belle still had intense feelings for Aden but since she was with Angelo now she couldn't let those feelings consume her. After all, Irene and most likely the entire town thought Angelo was better for Belle than Aden. Angelo was sweet, funny, kind and caring. Irene thought he was a "half decent bloke" for her, but Belle still believed Aden was "the one" for her. Hours passed and it eventually Aden and Belle fell asleep. Her head was gently lying on his shoulder, while his head was resting on the top of her temple. Belle's arm was wrapped around his waist, cuddling him as if he were a big soft teddy. Aden woke around midnight to discover that Belle was asleep next to him, holding him around the waist. Aden smirked and then fell back asleep. The living room became lighter and lighter, it was only 5am but it seemed much later. Belle woke suddenly, ashamed and feeling guilty for staying over Belle got up quietly without waking Aden and left. The door slammed shut the exhausted teenager woke to find Belle gone and Roman in the living room holding several letters.

"Morning mate..."

"Yeh, morn..moring" Aden said yawning

"Did you work out how to do the advanced maths questions?" questioned with a serious tone

"Ye…yeah I did.. Bel….." Aden wanted to tell Roman Belle had helped him but he didn't want the word to get out. He couldn't even bring himself to say her name.

"I'm gonna go and have a shower"

"Oh... Can I watch!??" Nicole said in a seductive voice. Nicole was a very flirtatious girl, wanting to get into the pants of every hot man that she came across. Aden was after all a very attractive guy.

"Keeping dreaming princess" Aden said heading up the stairs.

{The Beach House}

"Morning love"

"Yeah…hi Irene" Belle said panting hoping Irene didn't notice she hadn't been home that night.

"Angelo called this morning I didn't want to wake you. He wants to know if you'll have dinner with him tonight...maybe he can come over here for dinner?"

"Umm…yeah sounds great" Belle trying to sound excited with a fake smile. Belle wished Irene would accept that Aden had changed. He was no longer a bad boy, well maybe a little bit of bad deep down; although Aden had vowed that he would never ever hurt Belle physically or mentally.



*Flashback* the kidnapping

Aden: "I love you Belle, I love you" Aden whispered

Belle: "Aden, I love you too, but you need to let us go."



Belle snapped out of her day dreaming fit, trying to stay focused on the washing up.

"Hey Geoff"

Geoff dragged himself across the room, tired and frustrated obviously because of his fight with Nicole the previous day.

"Hi"... You alright..?"

"Yeah, I just…."


"Nothing", Belle said trying not to sound desperate.

"What? Just...what?" Geoff said in a concerned voice.

"I miss … "Belle voice drifted



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