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Friday, 24 October 08 – Episode # 4745

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ If Looks Could Kill “

[screened in Australia on Friday, 24 October 08 – Episode # 4745]


Natalie tries to explain her action to Nic, but Nic sooooooooooooo doesn’t believe her. Nic tell Roman & co that she is going out 0- and that Natalie better not be her when she gets back. Nic bails – and Geoff goes after her.


Geoff catches up to Nic,who waaaaaaaaaaaay emotionally tells Geoff that she doesn’t think that he is right that she should listen to her mum. Nic esp. says this in light of her mum staying with her husband even after Nic told Natalie that he “hit on” her.

When Geoff suggests tat they should head back to her house, Nic wonders if they can hang out at his place for a bit. Geoff cautiously agrees.


In belle’s bedroom, belle is taking to Aden about the while cancer cluster thing. Aden, amongst the pair kissing on occasions, suggest tat she should try to get in contact with Murray, to see if he will tell her what more he knows.

Belle hears noises in the house [Nic & Geoff arrive], and suggest tat Aden should bail. After he bails out the window, Belle phones Murray – but she gets the msg that the number that she has rung is incorrect.

In the longuye room, Nic wonders if she can stay her the night. Geoff says that she can hang her for a bit – but that he will have to walk her home soon. Geoff then tries to get Nic to at least try to talk to her mum, but Nic insists that bits not going to happen.


Roman tries, without success to phone Nic – the call goes to her msg bank. Natalie then suggest that Nic will brprobaly stay the n night at Geoff’s house – but Roman insist tat Irene would NEVR let that happen.

Nat then comments that she’s not booked accommodation her in the bay of the night and she had no idea that she’s be her the night. Charlie looks FAR form impressed [see ep title] when Roman suggest that Nat can stay the night in Morag’s old room.


Belle looks in the phone book? And then dials a number. On the other end of the line, Murray picks up the phone. When he haes that its Belle, he isn’t that keen to spec toy her [since he thought he was wrong bout the site] but Belle tell his that she seriously believes that he is right, and that toxic chemicals are leaking though the soil and causing lot of ppl to have cancer. Murray tells Belle that he can’t help her.


After tyeh phone call with Belle ends, Murray phones someone else – and says that they need to talk.


Next day, after Belle knocks on a front door of a house, a woman named Deborah answers the door. Belle says that she is conducting a health survey and wonders if anyone in the house has been ill. Deb comments tat her husband was ill – but now he is dead [died two month ago]. Deb says that her husband with the fittest paeon you could imagine, but sometimes these things just happen. Belle retells her that she believes that there are toxic chemicals etc and that if Deb could give consent of access to her husband’s med records, it could help prove her throaty. Deborah however really baulk s at the idea when Belle has to reveal that she’s just a concerned local [no government etc affiliation] trying to find the truth.


Aden is at bteh kitchen table when Nat enters the kitchen. Both seem kinda surprised by the other being there.

Roman, and thee Nic enters the kitchen. Nat is keen t speak to Nic, buy the latter just grabs a piece of toast and head for the front door.

Roman tries to get Nic talk to talk to Nat, but Nic insists that it isn’t happening. Nic bails.

Natalie then wonders how Roman has a god ‘ship with Nic after just 6 months, whereas Nat hasn’t got a good ’ship with Nic after 16 years/. Roman “suggests” that Nat should try to figure that out for herself.


Belle says goodbye to an unknown old man. Looks like she’s just got another knock back.


Belle knocks in the door, and tries to talk to Dane about how he isn’t to balm for what happened to Joe, but Dane is way emotional and insists atyt it is [all his fault]. He “suggests” that Belle should go away.


Belle talks to Rachel bout Dane. Rachel rally responds to the way that Belle described the way that Dane mnuchlt balms himself. Rachel say stat that is probably her fault, Belle suggests that if one perron would agree to give concertty for the med records to be accesswed, the others will flollow. Rachel agree to help – but admits tat she won’t mention the development site [belle will have to talk to Dane bout that]


Nat comment to Roman that he can’t believe that Nic is being this stubborn. Roman insists stat Nat has to give Nic time to absorb etc all of this.

After Nat walks away, the nearby Charlie comments that its VERY obvious that Roman knows just the way to speak to etc Natalie


Dane isn’t that keen that Belle is back at his door, but Rachel tells him that she is sooooooooooo sorry that she made him feel go guilty, esp. since there could be another explanation for his death.

When Dane enquires, Belle tells him about the toxic waste – and she ask hymn if he could suing a consent form to have Joes’ med records accessed for a full investigation.

Bell’s phone rings, so as Rach & Dane go inside [so he can fill in the consent form], Belle owners her phone – she is surprirdsed that its’ Murray.


Nat is waling along when she sees [in the distance] Natalie. We then see Nat – she looks deep in thought etc.


Murray tells Bell theta the money that he transferred to his accpouiunt was for travel allowance etc to his new job. He then asks her to being him up to speed on what’s occurred. She shows hi the list of name sof ppl that she believes may have got cancer beau o the toxic waste. He offers to go the the hospital and get the ball rolling on the records that she’ had ppl [only Dan at this point] allow her to get access to. Belle however suggests tat he should go with her to the home of the ppl on the list.


Nat has packed her bags and she tells roman that she will go with his call about giving Nic some space – i.e. Nat is gong back to the city.

Nat grabs the handle to her suitcase that has wheels just as Nic enters the house. Nic tells Nat that they have a week to rebond – or they are totally over. Nat is pleased that Nic has given her some time


Murray talk to Tim Coleman/. He tells Tim tat he cloudlet get any originals of the info that Belle has. Tim tells Murray that he just has to help stall Belle’s investigation for another week – as, buy that time, the water will have been removed. Tim reminds Murray that if he’s thinking if being a wjhilstbolower, he should think again as Murray is now “in this up to his neck”


Its night time, and Belle is driving long. She briefly looks down at the info that she’s gathered that is one the front passenger set on the car. She then notices tat there’s a vehicle close behind her. As she rounds a corner, the Ute passes her, but she is even more choked when she rounds the next corner. The Ute [now going the other way] is heading straight for Belle’s car. She swerved toy avid a collision, and ends up unconscious [it looks] after running on the road!!!1



Angelo accuses Murray of taking the info, from her car, that Belle had collected

Martin offers Kirsty her old job back

Martha tries to stop her chemo mid treatment

Nic is driving her mum’s car and she is stopped by the police [Natalie couldn’t drive as she got drunk]

Kirtsty tell miles that she thinks Leah is in love with him

Looks like Alf gives Bridget the $5000!!!! she asks him for

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Belle: black v neck dress [with red band at the waist]


Nicole: SBH uniform [with “school captain” badge on collar]


Rachel: red v neck t/grey knee length skirt/light grey coat


Aden: green [black “san Diego [something]”] t/ dark long pants

Aden: black & grey horizontal striped polo shirt/denim jeans

Belle: dark v neck long sleeve top/white t/dark long pants

Charlie: red thin strap top

Dane: blue singlet

Deborah Wilkinson: light pink dressing gown/light blue PJ top

Geoff: white [black “special blend” t/dark long oats

Murray: grey t/ dark long pants

Murray: olive green jacket/black t/ denim jeans

Natalie: black [white “collar”] knee length dress

Natalie: white [red floral] low cut v neck dress

Nicole: black [with silver sleeves] long sleeve dress/dark jacket

Roman: white singlet/grey track pants

Roman: white t / dark long pants

Roman: black t/dark long pants

Tim Coleman: dark jacket/white t/denim jeans

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