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Thurs, 23 Oct 08 – Episode # 4744

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ We Make NO Sense “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 23 Oct 08 – Episode # 4744]


As Geoff drives himself & Nicole back to the bay, he asks her what happened. Nicole initially doesn’t answer. When he does answer, Nicole tells Geoff that it’s clear that her mum only thinks bout herself.


As Roman give Charlie foot massage, she tells him that Ross contacted her and said that he & Morag are settling etc in way to the new place.

Nicole & Geoff arrive, and Nicole tells Roman that she and Natalie had a falling out – but Nicole won’t expand on that. indeed, she ascends the stirs – saying goodnight as she goes. Geoff wonders if he should stay around, but Roman suggests tat he should head for home [s it’s quite late].

After Geoff bails, Charlie comments bout how Nicole’s arrival is a bit of mood killer, and she accepts when Roman offers for her to stay the night.


Next day, Jack approaches Tony and tells him that the police got a call form Broken Hill. It was form a man who claims that Bridget owes him money. Booth agree that there’s no need to speak to Alf bout this for time being


Irene joins the chorus of ppl insisting that Geoff has to set Melody straights [just friends etc].

Annie enters the room, and is pleased when Geoff says stat Ruby is wrong [i.e. Nicole/Geoff isn’t togther]. Annie comets tat if they were, it would break Melody’s heart.


Roman & Charlie have just finished having breakfast when Nicole enters the room.

After Charlie bails form the room, Nicole tells Roman that Natalie was just using her – to sy the she needs the house as she is brionging up her daughter. Nicole emotionally wonders hwy her mum ALWAYS does tis to her. Roman hugs Nicole.


Jack talks to Bridget about the info form Broken Hill. Bridget ions that she and the guy in question were in a ‘ship that ended badly. Bridget suggests tat the guy is just trying to cause trouble for her.

When Jack walks way, Bridget has a worried look on her face.


Charlie enters the diner and talks to Roman. She comments that it appear that his taste in women [Natalie to Charlie] has improved over the years.

After Roman goes tanto the kitchen Charlie talk to Martha. Charlie thanks Martha for helping Roman choose the bracelet. She then wonders about Martha’s treatment. Martha tells her that her latest chemo session is next week – and that she doienlt know what will happen beyond that.


Nicole’s just finished a swim in the ocean. As she heads for where her clothes are, she sees Geoff. Geoff wonders if they can talk about last night, and they agree to herd off to the beach house.


Bridget shows Tony a mock up of what the new “adverting sign on the sides of Alf’s boats“ look like. Tony, however, Declines being involved. He say that he gets his business through word of mouth and because elf its great location.


In the pool room, Ruby suggests to Annie that they should divert Melody’s attention away from Geoff. Ruby ads that although Annie has her soul mate [Jai], the rest of us are still looking.

Ruby suggests to Annie, Melody, Trev & Lars that they should play mixed doubles. Ruby suggests that Melody should be teamed with Trev, with Ruby & Lars together/n doesn’t seem to ken to be just referee.


Nicole tells Geoff that she especially realises after last night that she no longer wants to he part of that world [her old life]. Geoff comments that he thinks that Nicole hides her true self form ppl – as that she is very thoughtful etc.

Geoff surprises, and pleases, Nicole by kissing her – naturally, she kisses back!!!

Nicole then admits tat she was jealous of the way that Geoff was sopekjiubng so much time with Melody, and that she thinks that she & Geoff can be a couple. Nicole ads that she realises that a sexual ‘ship isn’t everything. After Geoff comments tat Nicole/Geoff makes no sense, Nicole kisses Geoff – and this kiss isn’t one sided either.


Melody is annoyed tat Ruby is trying to set her up with Trev. Annie tries to help out Ruby, by changing the subject, but that leads to Annie telling Melody [by accident] that Geoff is home form the city. Melody bails.


Nicole & Geoff are kissing when Melody enter the house. She is shocked by what she sees. Melody is also annoyed, especially since she & Geoff were curled up on the same couch jsyut days ago. An emotional Melody tells Geoff that she can’t believe that she ever trusted him. Melody, in tears, bails.


Bridget talks to Tony. She tells him that the sinister ants the money up front – and that he only takes cash. Tony says that he will get more soon.

As Tony bails, Alf approaches Bridget. She can see that Roman is about to approaches her, so she distracts Alf by telling him that she is hopefully about to “drum up” more business.

When Alf is gone, Roman gives Bridget the money for his sign writing. Bridget looks VERY pleased with herself.


Melody approaches Ruby & Annie. She tells them about how she found Nicole & Geoff kissing. Ahe wonders of they knew that Nicole & Geoff were togther. Both deny it, but they admit that they knew that Geoff isn’t as into Melody as she is to him.

Melody then goes over and tries to flirt with Trev, but that doesn’t go well – he’s not interested, and Melody tells Annie & Ruby that she is useless. Melody then bails.


With an envelope full of $50 notes is front of her, Bridget is on the phone. She tells the person she is speaking to that she will get the money soon.

Bridget ends that call when Alf enter thro room. He tells Bridget that he is keen for them to go out to dinner tonight – and it’s his shout since Bridget’s been doing such a good job at the bait shop.


Its night time and Melody is still ray. Ruby approaches, and tries to talk to Melody about how he can’t pick who we fall in love with. Melody however insists that Geoff/Nicole aren’t right for each other and that Melody/Geoff are meant to be!!!!


Roman & Charlie are about t9o have diner when Nicole arrives home. She gleefully announce that Geoff is her b/f.

Roman & the other are at the dining table when there is a knock at door. Natalie is at the door, and she’s way in tears and tells Nicole that she REALLY needs help – esp, since her husband has kicked her out of the house!!!



Belle goes to Dane’s house – and tells him that there may be another reason why Joe died.

Tim tells Murray that if he’s thinking about being a whistleblower, he shouldn’t do so as “you’re up to your neck in this”

Charlie doesn’t look that keen when Roman tells Natalie that she can stay a his house [in Morag’s old room]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: silver vest/light blue [dark floral] top/dark jacket


Nicole: hot pink bikini/leopard print long sleeve dress


Martha: white long sleeve top/grey shorts/blue & aqua [with white circles] bandana


Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/grey shorts/wide brim hat

Annie: red cardigan/blue [brown dog motif] singlet top/dark shorts

Bridget: red sleeveless top – with dark blue long sleeve top beneath/dark long pants

Charlie: black & white horizontal striped top/white long pants.

Charlie: cream satin like night gown

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: light brown singlet top & matching skirt

Geoff: grey singlet/dark long pants

Geoff: purple t/light blue board shorts

Geoff: white [black “special blend” t

Geoff: yellow [blue tropical motifs] t

Irene: purple blouse/dark long pants

Jack: light blue police shirt/dark long pants

Lars [aka dark skinned school student] “white [brown check] button up shirt

Melody: peach cardigan/brown deliberately ruffled dress

Natalie: white [red floral] low cut v neck dress

Nicole: black [with silver sleeves] long sleeve dress/dark jacket

Nicole: white singlet top/white shorts

Nicole: silver wide strap knee length dress

Roman: black t/dark long pants

Roman: grey t

Tony: green t/brown long pants

Trev: white [unknown black motif] t

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