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Forseen (Chp. 3/?)

Guest Cerise

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Story Title: Forseen (Working Title)

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Teens, esp. Nicole, geoff, Aden, Belle

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No, it's completely AU

Any warnings: SC VD L

Summary: When her best friend dies in a tragic accident, Nicole Franklin is left broken and confused. With nobody to lean on she spirals out of control in a series of horrible events. But does she get through it?

Warning - language will get strong, drug and alcohol use become a theme in a few chapters, mild sex descriptions as well as depressing/suicidal thoughts.

"Belle!", Nicole called out in horror. "Don't leave. Please."

Her friends face was pitying as she got into the vehicle, but it didn't show any desire to stay. "It's for the best.", was the last thing Nicole heard her say. Then the taxi pulled away from the side of the street, leaving the blonde broken mess that was Nicole Franklin, alone.

46-days later;

It was the first day of year ten. Year Ten meant a whole lot of things. Or it would have, but it didn't mean anything.

Because how could she enjoy anything about this year without friends?

Yeah, there was Geoff Campbell. It wasn't that he didn't count, because he did - but he was busy with one thing or another, which made him a dumb choice for a boyfriend, but he was - one of two years, in fact. They weren't physically close too often, but Geoff had his beliefs, and she had hers. That was fine. Emotional relationships were fine. And she did love Geoff, of course she did.

But emotional relationships can't work when you lie, keep things from your partner, cheat. Nicole had not done any of these things. But Geoff? He was always 'busy', wouldn't tell her what he was doing, never have time for her - of course he's cheating. Coveting thy neighbours wife, or whatever, was sinning, as far as Nicole knew.

This school reminded her of Belle - her scent, her laugh, her moans and groans. Their friendship, their secrets, every essence of the relationship they had built since they were born. Fifteen years.

The next thing Nicole knew was that she was lying on a crisp white sheet in a bland, stuffy room.

"You fainted." The nurse was bored, obviously. People fainted, or 'fainted', all the time. Blah. The Nurse probably had better thing to do than watch unconscious, bratty students.

Nicole nodded.

"Your father is picking you up." the nurse continued. "He didn't think you'd be in a good enough form to stay in class." she clearly dissapproved. "We never used to send kids home at the school I worked at last year. I'm Nurse Jane by the way, new here."

"Right." Nicole's voive cracked. "Nurse Jane, can I tell you something?"

"Sure." Nurse Jane shrugged, blowing her bubble gum.

"My best friend died forty six days ago."

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Yay, Kat's written a new fic! :) I look forward to seeing where this goes. Even though it's the first chapter you've really established the Belle/Nicole and the Nicole/Geoff relationships well.

Coveting thy neighbours wife, or whatever, was sinning, as far as Nicole knew.

^ I really liked this line. It really brings Geoff beliefs to the forefront and makes me thinks something may be going on here.

Keep up the great work.

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