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Jack & Martha's Love Story- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

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Jack and Martha's Love Story- 1

First part of Jack and Martha's Love Story . In this part you will see moments when they first met.

Jack and Martha's Love Story- 2

Int this part you will see how Jack helps Martha because her car broke down and other moments.

Jack and Martha's Love Story- 3

Martha and Jack are drinking and Martha gets totally drunk. And their pool game ends with Martha running nude. This is really funny!!! :)

Jack and Martha's Love Story- 4

Martha's joke for Jack which ends in disaster.

Jack and Martha's Loves Story- 5

Martha tries to apologize to Jack after what she have done. Jack & Martha's first kiss.

Jack & Martha's Love Story- 6

Jack & Martha's first date, it's very funny scene:)Also funny scene when Luc entered in Jack's bedroom and Martha was there. Their fight because of his hearing problem.

Jack & Martha's Love Story- 7

Jack and Martha broke up. Jack almost fights with Corey in front of Martha. Jack saves Martha from Corey. In the begining of this video sound and video doesn't fit, sorry for that.

More coming soon :)

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