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title - X2

type of story - long fic

starring - regs plus X2

rating - A

spoilers - no

warnings - language, violence

plot - a guy is found in the middle of the road beaten and tortured. When taken to the hospital he claimed he's a created on a computer and in his soul was put in a cloned human body of a guy who died 30 years ago.


Jack and Charlie were heading back to the station when the came across something in the middle of the road.

"What's that?" Jack said stopping the car and getting out.

Charlie did the same and they both walked slowly.

"Oh my god" Charlie said running towards what they now knew was a teenage boy.

"He's cold, he's been here for a while" Charlie said rolling his over to find he had been beaten and his white blonde hair was full of blood.

"Is he dead?" Jack asked

"No just unconcious, c'mon let's get him to the hospital" she said trying to carry him

"Is that wise?"

I'm not just gonna leave him out here like a piece of trash, now help me"


"Jack, he has a family who are probably wondering where he is and if he was Ruby i wouldn't want her left here"

The lifted him into the back seat and Charlie got in there with him

When they pulled up at the hospital Jack carried him in

"Rachel" he called and she ran over

"Who is he, where did you find him" Rachel asked as they put him on a bed

"We don't know who he is he has no id on him" Jack told her

"Plese tell me he's gonna be ok" Charlie said

"Go home, i'll call you when he wakes up"

"I'll stay" Charlie said


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Rachel woke Charlie who was asleep in the chair

"Is he awake" Charlie asked


"Can i see him"

"If you make better sense of it all then yes

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he says his name is X2 he was created on a computer and then downloaded into a clone of a human body of a guy who died 30 years ago"

"His joking right"

"He's told 3 people exactly the same story in exactly the same word. I think he really believes it" Rachel told her

"Hi i'm Charlie i was the one that found you last night" Charlie said walking in

"Why didn't you leave me there"

"What" she said frowning

"The reason i was there is because i was getting taught a lesson"

"So you you were just put in the middle of the road because you had done something wrong"

"Actually i was tired for treason, then tortured and then i was left there" he told her

"What did you do?"

"Oh i can't tell you that"

"Fine tried by who?"

"God and all his prefects"

"So your name's X2"

"I'm part of an X series, the numers range from 1 to 3000. I was the second one created"

"And that was on a computer"

""Yes then i was downloaded on to a clone of a 17 year old boy who died which now means i'll be 17 forever unless i die

"Die like an ordinary death"

"No there's a certain spot in my head where a bullet or whatever has to go"

She frowned and he looked at her

"You don't believe me either"

"It's not that, it's just that it's alot to take in" Charlie told him

"Now can you tell me where all the other X serire's are"


"Why not, you did come from there

"Because as soon as they know i'm not where left me they'll packup and move everyone. Including the A's and B's and well you know the rest of the alphabet"

"Is it worth a try?"



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Charlie walked in the hospital and walked up to Rachel

"He still here" Chaerlie asked

"He as in X2?"

"Yeah" she replied

She followed Rachel to his room

"Hey how are you?" Charlie

"Bored, can i go, i mean do i really need to be here"

Charlie looked at Rachel

"Can he go?" she asked Rachel

"I'll just go see" Eachel said walking out to go see

Charlie looked at him

"You know if you get out of here you have to have a real name" Charlie told him

"I have a name" he replied

"A real name like mine's Charlie"

"Well why do i need a real name"

"Because X2 is not really something that people are used to calling other people

"Ok you come up with one" he told her

"Ok fine" she said thinking for a bit

"I'm gonna call you Shane" she told him

"Shane, why?"

"Because i knew a guy called Shane in high school and he had the exact same personality you do"

"Ok fine i can live with Shane"

They both smiled at each other

"He can go" Rachel said walking in and looking at them both

"Oh apparently my name's Shane"


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