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The Sims

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:lol: ily Sims :)

i had the entire original sims colection, then the sims 2 and the university expantion pack. i shared with my next door neighbour :P

'twas the coolest, then it screwed up my computer, so i only play occationally...

the sims were probably my biggest homework procrationation game, good times, good times... -_-

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I havent played Sims since the Bon Voyage EP came out. I had all the EPs then, but now I am missing the new ones. My computer just isnt good enough to play it with good speed. I couldnt cope just sitting there waiting for my Sim to do something. But when I did have it, I had over 15000 downloads.. That may have caused problems with the slowness lol 30mins sometimes to even load the game. But once I get a better computer, I will buy the rest of the EPs/SPs and start playing again.

I had this family once, male and female adults, who were expecting their first baby, this was my first family. And the woman died of starvation right by the fridge! In the next square! And the baby died aswell.. obviously as she was still pregnant. Then her pregnant PJ wearing ghost haunted the house when the man moved on with another woman and child.

I love the pet pack, I cant help but get aload of pets for each family I play, I try to just have 1 pet, or 1 dog and 1 cat. But it doesnt happen. They get loads lol

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I haven't been in the Sim for ages. I've got University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, FreeTime, Family Fun, Glamour, Celebration, H&M Fashion, Teen Style and Kitchen & Bath Interior Design. I'm not sure which ones I haven't got. But I'm getting fed up with them bring out a new one every few months. It's costing far to much, so I'm not buying them out of protest. Sims 3 looks great, but I don't think I'll get it, as I'm very rarely on it. Mind saying that, when everyone starts going on about it, I'll end up buying it at some point.

I'm one of these people who just creates houses, move someone in, then just leave it.

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