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It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie

Guest jack+martha=trooluvv

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This is really good.

I can't see Mattie and Aden has a couple so glad that, thats over.

Very interesting friendships. I can see Martha, Belle, and Mattie as friends but the idea of Jack, Aden, and Geoff hanging out together is so weird that it cracks me up thinking about it. I can't wait for more scenes between those three guys.

Looking forward to the Adelle flirting.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the complete and total lack of updates. I do have a reason for once - I broke my ankle, which isn't the greatest boon to creativity <_<

I DO promise an update soon, if it is not done by Wednesday you can hit me over the head repeatedly with rubber noodles (but not the foot. Very tender at the moment :()

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the complete and total lack of updates. I do have a reason for once - I broke my ankle, which isn't the greatest boon to creativity <_<

I DO promise an update soon, if it is not done by Wednesday you can hit me over the head repeatedly with rubber noodles (but not the foot. Very tender at the moment :()




Now thats funny, P

I'll happily do it, oh and sorry about your foot hunni, hope you feel better soon, and I did behin reading this


update soon when you can

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OK, so a little earlier than my deadline, but I'm sure you're not complaining :P

Not really happy with this chapter, but I'll leave you guys to decide.

Chapter 3

“You can knock off now, mate,” Tony said to Geoff.

“Great,” Geoff replied with a smile. He was hot and sweaty. It had been a blazing day and he knew right where he wanted to head – the beach.

As he ran down the grassy slopes towards the crystal-blue water he flung off his shirt, relishing the rush of cool air on his hot skin. The sun was a never-ending arc of blue above. Without a care in the world he sprinted down the beach, his eyes fixed on those churning waves –



Basically, the world had suddenly turned upside down (literally) and he was lying on top of Matilda, who was wearing a bikini, on a relatively empty beach. Dream situation. Not.

“God…I’m so sorry…” Geoff could feel his cheeks going bright red. He could also feel Mattie’s breath on his face.

“Um, yeah, just watch where you’re going next time you go flying across the beach,” she said wryly.

“Yeah,” Geoff breathed. He wasn’t sure if he was feeling turned on or wishing he was dead. Maybe a combination. But he couldn’t seem to move.

“Um. Geoff?”


“Could you please get off me?”

“Oh! Oh, yeah,” Geoff said, feeling flustered and rolling on to the sand next to Matilda. She sat up, drawing her knees up to her chin. Geoff looked at her thoughtfully. She seemed sad.

“How…how are you dealing?” he asked her.

“About what?” She didn’t look at him, just out to the waves, her blonde hair blowing back in the wind.

“Well…you know…Aden.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t know. OK. It’s awkward when we bump into each other.”

“Mmm.” Geoff couln’t think of anything to say to that. He could feel his back sunburning.

He stared out to ocean. Maybe if he just said, “Well, bye,” and left, and went for a swim, then this situation would be over, and he wouldn’t be talking to her (or not talking to her) anymore about Aden –


Mattie was crying. Oh, God.

He looked at her in concern. “Hey, Mattie, what’s wrong?”

Her skinny shoulders were shaking with sobs and her whole frail frame seemed to be trembling. “I r-really l-loved him, Geoff,” she cried, taking a deep racking breath and collapsing again in tears.

“Oh,” he replied intelligently. Unsure about what to do, he extended an arm and patted her awkwardly on the back. “Oof!” She collapsed into him, wrapping her arms around his chest and crying into him. “Mattie, just calm down…”

Suddenly Mattie seemed to realise that she was sitting in Geoff’s lap crying her heart out on a public beach. “Oh – I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to collapse on you.” She smiled weakly through her tears and sniffed sadly.

“No, that’s OK,” Geoff said. “You’re sad. I understand.”

Something was making him boil inside. Probably Matilda’s sobbing confessiont hat she really loved Aden.

“What – ” sniff “do you know about girls, Geoff Campbell?” Mattie asked, her voice steadier now.

Enough to know that I love you and you don’t love me, he thought grumpily. But he couldn’t say that. He wouldn’t know how. Like she said, he didn’t know anything about girls. Apart from that one thing. And he was eighteen. What a failure.

“What?” he replied. Easiest thing to say.

“You know all about footy, and you had a lot of friends at school,” she went on, pulling up the straps of her bikini, “and you were school captain. But you’ve had hardly any girlfriends. Usually the sporty, popular guys have heaps of girlfriends.”

“I’ve…had girlfriends,” he said hesitatingly. “About…two. Or one.”

“Believe me, not as many as Aden has had,” Mattie said bitterly.

This conversation was getting extremely awkward…he made his excuses and left.


Belle stood at the top of the dunes, looking down at the sand. There was no breeze, the heat seemed to press in on her. Suddenly she recognized two figures, sitting on the beach. Matilda. And Geoff. Suddenly Matilda threw herself into Geoff’s lap and they cuddled, a slight breeze ruffling their hair. She raised her eyebrows. Then Matilda moved back to the sand, and Belle saw that she was crying.

Someone came up behind her. She wasn’t really paying attention, just watching the two on the beach.

“Looks like Bible-boy got lucky,” someone said behind her.

She whipped around, and there was Aden. Her stomach gave a gigantic lurch. Somehow, by a miracle, she’d managed to avoid him for the last three days after that stupid dream. And here he was. Right in her face.

“Hi, Aden,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm, cool and measured. The way you’d talk to a guy who had dumped your best friend horribly, who you were feeling very resentful towards, and who wasn’t a guy that you were feeling atattracted to against your will.

“Still mad at me?” he asked, grinning. He didn’t sound too upset by the concept. Belle rolled her eyes.

“What do you mean?” she asked, tucking a piece of stray hair behind her ear. Suddenly those new red streaks seemed really, really bad. He was probably laughing silently at her hair catastrophe…

“Well you’ve been avoiding me for the past few days,” he replied, smiling. “I figured it was because I dumped Mattie.”

“It wasn’t,” she said bitterly, not looking at him. “Believe me.”

“You know,” he went on, in a quieter tone, “I can understand why you’re mad at me, and why Matilda and Martha are mad at me, and why Tony’s mad at me, and why Lucas is mad at me, and why Geoff is mad at me.”

“You can?”

“Yes, I mean, if someone close to me had got their heart ripped out the way I ripped out Mattie’s – ”

He was disgusting Belle so much she had to interrupt at that point. “You actually sound PROUD of it, you feral pig.”

“Pigs are revered in Pakistan,”* Aden said solemnly.

”Whaaa – ” Belle found herself laughing against her will. “You weirdo, Jeffries.”

“Ooooooh,” Aden said. “That’s me told. Belle called me a weirdo. I might go and kill myself now.”

Belle giggled. “Oh yeah, my opinion matters that much to you?”

A cheeky grin spread across Aden’s face, and he stepped closer to her. Bending down, he whispered into her hair. “Yep.”

Belle parted her lips and whispered into his neck: “Good.”

They weren’t hugging – just standing very close together. And there was an electricity and heat rebounding between their two bodies that warmed Belle to her toes. Suddenly, she realised what she was doing, and stood back with a gasp. “Oh. My. God,” she cried, her voice growing louder with each syllable.

“I know.” Aden folded his arms and grinned. “Hot, hey?”

“I can’t BELIEVE,” Belle yelled, “I can’t BELIEVE you, Aden!” She was screaming at him mainly to block out the whirl of feelings inside her after she had just, well, talked into Aden’s neck. What the hell had she done that for? OK, the erotic dream might have had something to do with it, but Aden’s neck was not a phone. Aden’s neck belonged to Aden, who was a feral pig, and Aden’s neck did not deserve to get talked into. “You are flirting with me, ONE WEEK! after you DUMPED Mattie BRUTALLY, while she’s RIGHT there on the BEACH and probably SAW us and probably HATES me now, thanks to YOU – ”

“She’s not there anymore,” Aden said simply. Belle looked out to the beach, running her hands through her mop of hair. He was right. She was gone.

“Anyway,” he continued, digging his hands into his pockets, “you were totally going along with it.”

Belle shook her head. “You b@stard, Aden.”

And she walked off.


*no offence to any Pakistani people who may be on this board : )

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