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It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie

Guest jack+martha=trooluvv

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Hi, sorry for the slow update :) I knuckled down and wrote it all in the last afternoon :P

Chapter 2

“Hey, Belle,” he whispered seductively, that cheeky smirk spread across his face, his eyes lit up with desire.

She grinned, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling him closer to her. “Hey gorgeous,” she hushed into his neck, inhaling that Aden smell of his.

With a quick movement he lifted her up and placed her legs around his waist, his breathing heavy. Lifting her head she pressed her lips against his. The electricity and passion in the air was extremely high…

“BELLE!” yelled a voice.

With a start Belle sat up quickly, shocked at the dream she had just been having. She got up and pulled up the blinds. Light flooded into the room and she blinked unsteadily. She headed to the bathroom. Once she was in there she stared at herself. Usual just-woken-up nightmare from hell. Pale. Hair sticking up practically vertical. Huge purple bags under eyes. Just generally saggy. Before she could change her mind about it she splashed icy cold water on her face. “I can’t believe I was dreaming about Aden,” she muttered.

As she headed downstairs she still felt very shaky and unsure of everything. It had been a great dream and she had been in the throes of pleasure during it…but it wasn’t right! Aden was an idiot, Belle had never liked him, and, even as she thought about him now, she felt a surge of anger for what he did to her best friend. Suddenly into her head drifted the image of Aden holding Matilda like that, touching her like that…and a feeling that might just be jealousy seemed to creep up her chest. And…oh God, they had the same shift today at the Diner.

“Please help me,” she muttered.

She entered the light-filled kitchen. “Hey love,” Irene said, passing her a bowl of cereal.

“Morning, Irene.”

Irene looked at her critically as Belle sat down and dug a spoon morosely into her soggy bowl of cornflakes. “You look half dead, Belle, you’d better get yourself smartened up, your shift’s in an hour.”

“Mmmm,” Belle replied, not really listening. Her thoughts were straying again to Aden. Those shockingly blue eyes, that blonde hair, all those muscles

“Yeah, your hair rivals the Empire State Building,” Geoff quipped. Annie and Irene laughed. Geoff waited for Belle to laugh as well.

“Belle? Belle? Earth to Belle…” Geoff said, waving his hand in front of her face.

“Huh?” Belle said, looking up quickly and snapping out of her reverie. Underneath the table she pinched her leg hard.

“Are you okay, Belle?” Annie chirped. “You’re all distracted and weird.”

“I’m FINE, Annie,” Belle snapped angrily. “Now if you’re done insulting me, I’ll go upstairs and get ready.”

Annie pouted, screwing up her nose at her foster sister. “I didn’t insult you, I just said…” she called at Belle’s disappearing back.

“Leave it, Annie,” said Irene.

“I wonder what’s got into her?” Geoff queried.

“It’s good to see you looking cheerful again, love,” Irene said, taking toast out of the toaster. “You’ve been looking a bit glum lately.”

“He’s been depressed ever since Aden dumped Matilda,” Annie said mischeviously, with a badly suppressed giggle.

“Hey!” Geoff cried, and gave his sister a shove.

“Don’t get it,” Belle said, reappearing, looking neater. “The girl’s finally free and he feels bad.”

“He likes her THAT MUCH,” Annie said, dodging out of the way of Geoff, who was now attempting to strangle her with a teatowel, “he likes her THAT MUCH, that he actually feels bad when she gets dumped, because of all her sadness.”

“Wow,” Belle said with her eyebrows raised. She pulled on a dark purple hoodie over her black-and-white striped top and skinny jeans. “Sounds like you really want her, Geoffrey.”

“I don’t want Matilda,” Geoff yelled angrily. “She is my friend and I’m concerned for her!”

“First psychotic jealousy – and don’t try and murder me Geoff, it’s true – and now you feel concerned for her. Been a bad year for you, hasn’t it?” Belle teased.

Geoff lunged for Belle.

“Aaaah! That was my HAIR!”

“I know!”

“Quit – ” Belle tried to wriggle herself out of Geoff’s stronghold – “over-reacting!”

“Oi, oi, STOP,” Irene said forcibly, pulling them apart. “Geoff, you’re going to be late for Tony. Belle, we need to get going, and Annie, if you don’t get moving on that bike of yours now you’re going to be late.”

As they walked towards the front of the house, where Geoff’s second-hand yellow Sedan was parked and Irene’s red Holden, Belle asked Geoff, “What was with that full on sped attack in the kitchen?”

“Nothing. I’m sorry.” Geoff tried to smoothe his hair down, but the spikes stuck up again.

“That’s OK, it was actually relieving to see you exercising a bit of human anger instead of being all pious all the time.”

“Nothing wrong with being good to people, Belle.”

“Yeah, but it’s not HUMAN if you don’t want to rip people apart every now and then.”

“I try to suppress those urges when they happen. Just didn’t do it so well that time, that’s all.”

“What got you so angry, anyway? Annie and I were only teasing.”

Geoff shrugged, and Irene called from the car, “Have you two finished yakking yet? We need to go!”

Geoff revved his Sedan loudly, and it backfired as he reversed out of the drive.


Martha rolled over groggily, getting twisted up in her blankets as she did so. Leaning over to look at her alarm clock she gasped. “Eleven o’ clock…” She was desperately late for her shift at the Surf Club. Try two and a half hours late. She quickly got up and ran to the phone. Yep, the answering machine was blinking. She took the message from Alf. He let her know that he didn’t need her to work today so she could sleep in (how well did her granddad know her?).

But still, Martha was shocked at this late hour. Generally, she was an early waker – up with the sounds of birdsong and the morning light. Of course, she had stayed up very late, thinking about Jack. “Get over him,” Martha muttered to herself, pulling on a blue singlet and whit shorts. But how could she? Could any girl blame herself for not being able to get over Jack Holden? He was amazing. “Remember what he did to you,” she whispered, almost like a sing-song. “Don’t fall back in love with him. Just a little more will-power and you won’t feel that wrench whenever you see him anymore.”

Martha McKenzie was determined not to fall in love with Jack Holden.

Thoughts were buzzing around her head as she ate toast smeared with about six layers of luscious strawberry jam. And she needed to clear her mind. So she took off for a jog along the beach. She enjoyed the feeling of gentle running. She had never been one for long walks – she got bored with the monotonous foot movement. And she didn’t like proper running, either, it was exhausting. But she loved jogging. She especially loved jogging when there was sand squidging between her toes and the never-ending waves were washing up to her, and the eternity of sand and sky and sea was around her.

Beaches got her quite emotional, for some reason.

It was a beautiful bay really, a beautiful town.


She spun around as she heard her name called by that familiar voice. Jack was running up behind her. He had just been for a swim, and a prickle ran up Martha’s spine as she saw his abs and his hair all wet and tousled.

“Jack,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm and cool. She pushed a bit of hair behind her ear and squinted into the breeze at him.

“Going for a jog?”

“Um. Yeah.”

“Right. Good. Em. Well – how would you like to maybe go out to dinner tonight, Mac?”

Martha sighed. Not only had he just asked her out, he had called her by her old nickname. And, unfortunately, she had to say no.

“Jack, please don’t, you know we can’t – ”

“Just as friends, Martha! Please!”

“Jack, I don’t want to get involved with you anymore…too much water has passed under that bridge.”

“Martha, I have apologised so many times, and I just want to be your friend now, things are normal again. – ”

She felt angriness rise up inside her.

“Thins aren’t “normal”, Jack! You don’t know how much I still hurt after what you did to me! It’s all very well for you to go walking around, happily asking me on dates like nothing happened, but I got my heart wrenched out and kicked across the floor by you, Holden, and I’m not about to forget that very soon!”

Bitter tears scorching her eyes, she turned on her heel and walked away.

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I didn't know you had a new fic! I love it!

Aw Aden you meany, you broke Matties heart! :(

Geoff likes Mattie Ohh lala! :lol:

Martha, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you stupid or something? Who cares what he has done, well actually, it depends on what he did, but if it is about him working all the time, get over it! He has said sorry, Just forgive and don't forget :P

But it will be quite cute to see Jack trying to get Martha back :wub::D

More please.

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