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It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie

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Guys I am SO SORRY...

I feel so terrible, I am such a bad fic writer ;)

But in my defence things have just been so full-on...I've been trying to deal with heartbreak (well, maybe!), I've got a ginormous amount of homework piled up on me, I've had flu, and worst of all, someone I THOUGHT was my best friend has just called me and all my other friends ugly freaks.


So, yeah, I haven't been able to update. But I am determined to finish this, even if it's in three years. Luv ya alls xxx

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Oh, Mattie! I can't believe that she had to find out like that, but I'm glad that she did. I also can't believe that she wanted to get back with Aden, cos I'm really loving the idea of Mattie/Geoff. :wub: Loved that ending!

Adelle = :wub: Nuff said, methinks ^_^

Cannot wait for more. But life does come first, so I'll definitely be waiting too :)

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