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It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie

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Title: It All Began When Aden Was Really Mean To Mattie

Rating: T

Genre: Love, Drama

Main Characters: Martha McKenzie (22,) Jack Holden (23), Matilda Hunter (18), Geoff Campbell (18), Belle Taylor (18), Aden Jeffries (18). Also the close family and friends of main characters: Morag, Alf, Tony, Lucas, Beth, Annie, Irene, Roman, Nicole etc.

Type of Fic: Long fic

Warnings: Language, possible violence, possible sexual content.

Summary: The twists and turns of love really! When the story starts Aden has just split up with Mattie after they dated for a year. All other characters are single, and their separate stories will be revealed.

NOTE: The first chapter's cr@p, it's just basically explaining what the characters are like, it will get better hopefully!

WARNING: Contains a couple of bad words.

Chapter 1

“How could he?” sobbed Matilda, taking a deep and shaky breath. “How could he?”

“He’s a bastard, Matilda,” Belle said, rubbing her friend’s back supportively. Matilda was sitting hunched up on Martha’s bed, her face on her knees and her whole small frame trembling. Belle kneeled next to her, putting a tight and supportive arm around her shoulders.

“I don’t think we should be that hard on Aden,” Martha said, swinging her long, tan legs over the bed. “If he felt the relationship was over, it was the right thing for him to do.”

“The right thing?” Belle looked disbelievingly at her older friend. “Were you even listening when she told you about HOW Aden dumped her? WHERE? WHEN?!”

“OK, OK, don’t shout, Belle,” Martha said, sighing as Matilda started crying again. She chucked her a tissue from the box on the bedside table.

Matilda sat up and wiped her eyes, smudging her mascara even more noticeably. She looked a bit like a panda, Belle thought, if you erased the red blotchy bits. “I still can’t believe…” she said softly. Martha and Belle were watching her intently. She bowed her head. “He invited me to a romantic dinner at The Sands. It was our anniversary – a whole year since our first date. The place where we HAD our first proper date. And you know what?” she asked bitterly. “I was so stupid, such a naïve little girl, I thought he was actually going to – to propose.”

“What?” Martha and Belle said at the same time.

“I know, I know,” Mattie said grouchily. “He probably didn’t’ even remember that it was our anniversary. And he ended it in two sentences, and left.”

“God, we all have stuffed up love lives, don’t we,” Martha said sadly, flopping back on to the bed.

“Tell me about it,” Belle said dully.

In a quick movement Martha was up again. She went out into the kitchen, then returned with a bottle of wine and three glasses. “Here,” she said, pouring out three glasses. “To us girls. May we some day find the right men for us, who won’t screw us up and dump us on our anniversary.” Belle and Matilda raised their glasses.

“To us girls.”


Martha McKenzie was the oldest of the three best friends – she was twenty-two. She didn’t really have a career – she worked at the Surf Club, which her grandfather, Alf, owned. She was quite often acclaimed as the “beauty of Summer Bay”, with perfectly tanned skin, long black hair that never seemed to be oily or greasy or have split ends, and a perfect bikini figure. She was headstrong, stubborn, quite often a little crazy and wild, but still somehow seemed to be the one reasoning with Belle & Matilda all the time. She was a tomboy, and didn’t care too much about clothes. She cried herself to sleep a lot of nights. She wasn’t unhappy. Not really. But the memories were bad.

Matilda was eighteen, and the “sweet one” of the group. She was a typical beach babe – blonde hair and blue eyes. She wasn’t like Belle – a little rude and distrustful towards the world sometimes. She wore pink and blue and white mostly, and was a devoted friend. She had loved Aden and thought he was the best thing in her life. They had spent a happy year together after they graduated from Summer Bay High. But now Aden was gone, with his cheerful smirk still on his face. Did he really care?

Belle was eighteen also. She wore punk clothes. Purple and black were her favourites. She was stubborn, a little crazy, flirtatious, short, curvy and pale with dark hair streaked with red. Her life had been a rollercoaster of ups and downs as well and she didn’t trust people like she used to. Her emotions and feelings were often out of her control. She couldn’t help sometimes wishing, back when Mattie had been with Aden, that it was her that he carried down to the water at the beautiful beach.


“What did you do that for?” yelled Geoff. His face was red with anger and his hair seemed to stand up in spikes more than usual. “You really hurt her, you idiot!” A nagging voice in the back of his head told him that this wasn’t very Christian. But a much louder voice that seemed to want to channel itself through his voice and fists was really, REALLY pissed off at Aden.

“What are you going to do about it?” Aden said, leaning against the pool table. He grinned cheekily. “She’s free for you to take, now. I’ve done you a favour, I guess.”

Geoff flushed, giving him the appearance of an over-ripe tomato with blonde hair. “What are you talking about?” he asked sulkily.

“Oh come on, Bible-boy, everyone knows you lust after Matilda Hunter. Why else would you be so angry when I dumped her?”

Geoff shook his head, tightening his lips. “Aden, shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Jack rolled his eyes and stepped between them. “Stop fighting, you two. Aden, it was rotten what you did to Mattie. Geoff, it’s true. You do want Mattie, though you won’t admit it, so don’t bash Aden up for saying so.”

It was Aden’s turn to roll his eyes. “Jack, we can sort out our problems for ourselves, we don’t need you to come and make peace like Mother Goose or whatever.”

Mother Goose…” Jack mouthed silently. “You two should stop hanging around each other if you hate each other that much.”

Geoff and Aden both put on a sulky expression. They looked extraordinarily alike when they did that at the same time. However, Aden’s lips curled up in a smile before long. “Listen, Mattie and I weren’t working out okay, I didn’t love her. Seeya round. Play nice, little fellers.”

Geoff poked his tongue out after him, then quickly realised how immature that was. Jack sighed. He was best mates with both Geoff & Aden, even though he was five years older than both of the recently graduated teenagers. Whenever they both decided to hang out with Jack, they were at each others throats all the time and it was Jack’s job to keep them from attacking each other. Geoff was a sweet, funny bloke, very Christian, and very shy. The only person he really got angry at was Aden. Aden was the bad boy, rarely polite, breaking rules, going through girlfriends fast. Matilda had been his longest girlfriend yet, Jack was amazed that the two different personalities lasted a whole year together. But there was a more Geoff-like Aden underneath it all, and there was also a more Aden-like Geoff underneath all Geoff’s layers as well.

Chapter 2: Belle & Martha both have disturbing dreams, and we find out more about Jack & Martha's relationship.

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A sneak preview :P

“Hey, Belle,” he whispered seductively, that cheeky smirk spread across his face, his eyes lit up with desire.

She grinned, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling him closer to her. “Hey gorgeous,” she hushed into his neck, inhaling that Aden smell of his.

With a quick movement he lifted her up and placed her legs around his waist, his breathing heavy. Lifting her head she pressed her lips against his. The electricity and passion in the air was extremely high…

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