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Fri, 10 Oct 08 – Episode # 4735

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Ruby, Rachel …. And A Mention Of Maddie. What More Can I Ask For??? “

[screened in Australia on fri, 10 Oct 08 – Episode # 4735]


Jai & Annie can’t believe that Matthew is ruby’s friend Skye, and they agree that they miusy tell Ruby.

Miles [with Oly] enters, and miles asks Jai to help him with the laundry etc at the vph. Jai agrees to do so, and Annie agrees to help, so they bail,

Alf acumens to Miles about morrows’ sausage sizzle that it to take place out front of the bait shop. E as that a DJ form the local radio will be there.

Iren n comets bout ho run down miles looks, and he comets tat he’ll be pleased when school hols are over and much of the van park crowds have gone home.


Ross & Morag thank ruby for muchly being suppruve of their decision. Charlie enters, and they tell her about ho Morag with be living with Ross where ever they chose to go.


Miles thanks jai & anie for all their help.

Kirsty enters,a dn miles is rally worried about how many shifts she is doing at the resort, but Kirsty insist tat she want to bne seem as eager to do so by the resort – when times aren’t so busy as it is now.


Annie & jai see Matthew and approach him. They confront him about aht they know. Mathew insist that he IS ruby’s friend, and thet he doenlkt care if they tell Ruby the truth.


Bridget suggests to Martha that she should try to have aomeof the jelly that Bridget has made – and Martha ares to do so.

Rachel ^ tony enter, and Rachel isn’t exactly keen on net idea of Martha going ti the sausage sizzle at tee bait shop morrow – as rach thinks that it will be too much for Martha. Bridget suggest [form her own experiences] that Martha should be OK.


Ruby & chalie enter rgh poolroom – looks like they’ve just come out of the gym. Ruby insists that she is happy for Ross, as long as he is happy with the situation. She also doesn’t mind that Morag will be with roses when he moves into the assisted care place.

Annie & jai arrive,a nd they see Ruby, but jai suggest that it’s not the right time to tell ruby bout Mathew.


Kirsty enters, and Irene tells her about how worn out miles is. She also suggests that Kirsty should tell miles bout why she is taking on all these extra shifts at the resort. Kirsty however disagrees.


Ruby approaches Matthew and he [thinking that Annie would have told already] apologises to ruby for pretendong to be Skye. Ruby can’t believe that this is happening, and she eagerly bails when Charlie says that she is about to bail.


Ruby is annoyed that Annie & jia didn’t tell her about the whole Skye things, and she adds that she doesn’t “go off” at Matthew as she was lost for words when she realised what he was saying,

Ruby however said tat she IS going to get revenge on Matthew.

Next day, kirsty enters the main room, and she tell the VERY ill ]wit a cold etc] miles staht he must go back t bed. And that she will arrange things for today [whole looking after Oly etc, as Kirsty has another shift at the resort]. Miles heads off upstairs to bed.


Ruby, jai & Annie entrs,mana ruby sees Mathew at one of the video games. She goes up behind him, and outs hethdn over his eyes. When he trunks around, ruby KISSES him!!!!

When the kiss is over, Matthew aggress with ruby when she suas that he took on the persons on Skye so ruby would listen to him [which she wouldn’t if she knew that it was Matthew given him the advice] she aos wonders of Matthew likes her – he says that he does, and ruby suggests that they should meet up later.

As ruby walks ally form Mathew, she winks at Annie & jai, way susgetiung that this is her revenge plan on the oblivious to it all Mathew.


A van park customer is paying their bill to Kirsty when Leah arrives. Kirsty musvhly thanks Leah for helping her today. Kirsty bails – to go to work at the resort.


Alf talks on air to the DJ when has been sent buy the radio station to the sausage sizzle.

Nearly, Ruby makes its clear to Annie & jai that although ruby’s revenge oaln isnklt exactly agreeing with Annie’s christian believes, she NEEDS to do that.

Alf sees Martha & Bridget. He is pleased yet cionceerdne that Martha is here – and not resting.

Rachel also is surprised to see Martha here, and when she talks to bridget, the later comments about hen she had ovarian cancer, Rachel quickly telkls bridget taht she thought that bridget said taht she has cervical canver. Bridget says that rach must be mistaken but its calr tat Bridget is annoyed that rach has picked her up of this gaff.

Rachel & bridget, along with everyone else’s is concerned when Martha collapse. Martha is well and truly conscious – and Rachel has a very "I was right” look on her face.


Rachel is in bed and after Rachel leaves the room to get another blanket, Martha comet about how great a friend that Rachel is. Bridget comets tat she didn’t realise how “switched on” Rachel is.


In the kitchen, Morag & Charlie express to each other tat yeykown how much the other LOVES Ross.

Ross genets the room, and after Charlie [of her own volition] bails, ross tells Morag that he wants to leave the bay. He tells her that he wants ruby & Charlie to remember him the way he was before the illnesses, not what he is becoming.


Jack is rather annoyed [at Alf, colleen, tony etc] that he wasnlkt told straight away about Martha’s collapse. Alf insist at marth insisted that jack not be told immediately.


Later, Alf is working a shift at the bar. He is on the phone = and when he gets off, he tell Bridget that it was Ric & Maddie on the phone. Alf tells here that Ric is working as an apprentice mechanic and that he & maddie are having a great time in Perth.

Bridget kisses Alf – and is kinda worried bout his reaction, bout he doesnlkt mind that whole public displays of afecyon with her.

Bridget suggest tat they should have some champagne, and when Alf goes into the storeroom, Bridget drips her handbag. A fair few FAKE ID’s [all with bridget's photo, but clearly different signatures] fall on te flor. Bridget quickly outs tat back on her bag’s


Fellow resort worker Nina and Kirsty arrive outside the restauraunts where Kirsty will be doing her 1st hostessing gig, Kirsty expresses her apprehension, but Nina insist that all 1st timers are like this. Nina then tells Kirsty that the guys’ name is Karl and thet she will know him as he will have a red rose on his table.



Matthew vows revenge on Ruby – after she pulls a prank on him which ends up with Mathew being filmed whilst naked.

Charlie once more questions Romans’ feeling for her -= as he was with Martha when she needed him

Nic is worried that Melody ions keen to get back together with Geoff

Belle receives a threatening phone call

It’s A Designer Label [iADL]


Rachel: royal blue blouse/black top/brown & black beaded necklace


Kirsty: black shimmery [silver fern motifs on wide straps] dress


Ruby: apple green [dark floral] mid thigh dress


Alf: blue [dark check] button up shirt/bone long paints

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Alf: dark green button up shirt/dark long pants/wide brim hart

Annie: red wide strap top – with black scoop top beneath/dark shorts

Annie: white [dark horiz stripes] t/green mid thigh skirt

Bridget “: olive green long sleeve top

Bridget: red floral “Asian style” top

Charlie: white zip up jacket/dark shorts/ red [white lining] sports singlet top

Charlie: white top/dark brown long pants

Colleen: red top/maroon [orange floral] blouse

Colleen: dark blue jacket/pink floral top

Irene: grey long sleeve blouse

Irene: light pink blouse

Jack: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt /dark blue long pants

Jai: yellow fluro t

Jai: dark grey [dark check] t/denim jeans

Kirsty: dark brown [multi colour coral] dress

Kirsty : white long sleeve blouse

Leah: red v neck top

Martha: blue top/white jacket/light pink [dark floral] bandana

Martha: grey t/band bandana

Matthew Lyons: blue t

Matthew Lyons: yellow [yellow lion on blue shield like background] t

Miles: white t/dark blue dressing gown

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/dark shorts

Morag: white top/cream [light brown horiz stripes] jacket

Morag: back top/brown cardigan/denim jeans

Nina [Resort]: white long sleeve blouse

Oliver: grey t/dark shorts

Rachel: blue thing strap dress

Radio Station DJ: black button up shirt/dark long aunts

Ross: maroon polo shirt/dark long pants

Ross: dark blue [white vertical stripes] long sleeve button up shirt/bone long pants

Ruby: white zip up jacket/purple singlet top – with black top neath/dark shorts

Ruby: black [white straps] singlet top/dark green [black zebra like stripes] asymmetric mid thigh skirt

Tony: red t/dark shorts

Tony: white long sleeve button up shirt

Van Park Customer: muli colour tie-dye long sleeve top

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