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Tom all 'pinked up' for cancer

Guest Di

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Tom all 'pinked up' for cancer -- In memory of Frankie, who would have been 29yrs young today

Tom and CCA Julie from the post 16 unit Tom goes to.


When Tom heard they were raising money for cancer charity. He decided to go the whole hog .. He is even got pink nail varnish on..

In memory of Frankie who was his second fave girl. aka miss whiplash.. He has raised well over a £100 for cancer charity

Even thou, Frankie's sadly no longer with us :( ... She's still in many, many peoples thoughts and hearts..

I think!.even thou its a difficult time, as we and her family are still getting. Used to Frankie been no longer here..

We should still remeber, it would have been Frankie's 29th Birthday on the 10th October

Happy birthday, Frankie aka Miss whiplash

Di x x x

Happy 29th birthday to my second fave girl

Tom x x x :wub:

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lol thanks for the comments guys... :P

UpDate below.. Oh btw the male teacher, who was giving Tom a pound, is known to be the tightest teacher.. Ever, So they took evedence and put it in the November news letter.. :lol:


Well done son :D:P

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