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Relative Confusion (by Miranda) - comments


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Thanks for the nice comments :D I hope to put more updates on tomorrow but its so rare to get on the computer that I just about have time to copy and paste a chapter, instead of replying to people :(

I hope its coming across that Leah is a busy woman looking after her son, her home and her job, and she hasn't got that much time to spare, which is why she fobs Ceri off sometimes :unsure: That's why their day out in the city was such a nice break for her.

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Excellent updates again, i've said this before but i'll say it again you write the characters so well, especially Leah. You convey so well Leah's feelings and frustrations sometimes it can seem just like i'm watching an episode when I read your fiction (if that makes any sense at all :P).

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Gorgeous three chapters Miranda.

It's full of assumptions on Leah's behalf, gallantry on Roman's behalf, family fun on Hugh & Rachel's behalf, longing looks on Ceri's behalf and torture in the form of twenty questions on the Poulos family's behalf. :P

I like being a fly on the wall in your chapters to get the full picture - just like being on-set. The viewer gets to see the true friendships forming and the flow of it all unfold right before our very eyes.

You've portrayed Leah very well and I'm glad that she fobbed Ceri off in one of the earlier chapters due to her busy schedule - makes it sound more realistic.

I'm totally hooked on this fic and I don't dare go fishing with Alf until after I've read your posted chapter(s). :wink:

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This fic is so brilliant, I absolutely love it. I've just read the whole thing in one sitting!! It's so refreshing to see a fic about Leah and you provide such a great insight into her life and why she is the way that she is. These days people are way too quick to say that she's just bitter, boring and naggy. It doesn't seem to have occured to anyone that she's still heartbroken and trying to cope with a million things at once.

I love your writing and how you've incorporated the rest of the cast into the story. Although I really have no idea what's going on with Jazz. Ceri's great, and your picture looks almost exactly like I imagined him!

Can't wait to read the rest, and the Rachel/Hugh mentions have inspired me to go and read your other fic which I adored. :D Keep up the great work.

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Hey Miranda, sorry i haven't been in to read your fic sooner, i feel very ashamed :blush:

Anyway i love that you've written a fic about one of the most underused characters in H&A history, i know i've told you before but i really love your style of writing, so descriptive that you can actually imagine being there, yet so simple to read :D One of my favourite images has to be Tony rocking the dance floor :lol:

Can't wait to read more of this amazing story, i was hooked from the moment i read the first line. Oh and i still think you should write a book, you just have a natural flair and talent for writing :D

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