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Relative Confusion (by Miranda) - comments


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Brilliant fiction Miranda! :D

I love reading your long shots :P and your fictions in general. I like this one as it delves into Leah's thoughts - how she still feels about Dan and what could have been with Miles. I like how you made a good connection between Lucas and Leah, as they are both thinkers and good listeners. Good to see some friendship and laughter time with Rachel and her brood.

I love this fic - no matter if it's not a Tachel fic. Diversity is great! ;)

I look forward to your future long shots :P, no matter which characters are featured. :D

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Please don't stop... I'm really enjoying this fic and it's good to see a LONG Leah fic finally on the fan fic board. :D

I'm also glad that Ceri makes his return to the Bay... I was wondering if you were going to have Ceri in this fic because if you weren't then I would have done a lot of hinting to that affect. :P

What a classic... Tony and Leah dancing to "Stayin' Alive". Wonderfully written too, making Jazz jealous of Tony's smooth moves on the dance floor with Leah and Ceri jealous of Tony dancing with Leah. I like it!

Nice interactions between Luc, Nicole and Geoff too... Geoff is such a comedian.

Please Please Please continue this wonderful fic as I'm really wanting to know what happens next with Ceri and Leah plus the rest of the cast.

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It's wonderful to have Ceri back in your fic. He's such good company for Leah, a good friend to her and there is an understanding between them.

Ceri being adopted puts another spin on his character, a soul searching Leah and a searching for parents Ceri... hopefully they will also search for something in their hearts to bring them closer together.

Wonderful chapter Miranda... I always enjoy your fics and I look forward to each chapter with anticipation. :D

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