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I've not really been on here much since I stepped down as admin because I've been too busy with other things but I just thought I'd reply to this thread because in a way its partly my fault. I just wanted to point out a few things that you guys might not know but which will hopefully help explain the delay in this feature.

Firstly features were generally my domain and I left this one part way through. Karen and Lauren are excellent contributors who work really hard on content but they hadn't had any experience of uploading features and there wasn't time to give them any before I left.

Our uploading team mainly consisted of the three admins and Ryan, of them I'm no longer with upload access, Chris has returned to Uni so isn't here and Ryan is taking some time out from the main site. That leaves one poor, overworked Dan F who not only has stuff on in his own life but is also now pretty much primarily responsible for the site AND the forum, a job which was previously split three ways.

In terms of the forum the staff, despite their different roles, all work together as a team and its a team that has seen myself, Liz and Mar Mar leave and has also had to deal with the gutting hole left by Frankie's passing away. The staff were in as much shock as anyone about that and its taken time to come to terms with, not to mention the extra work it created. Nick has rejoined the moderating team to help out but that left him with less time to concentrate on the main site.

New contributors of the calibre of the ones we have are rare and even if we received a million offers of help, which we don't, its rare we'll get people willing to commit as much time and effort as Lauren, Karen and Ryan do.

I'm not making excuses, I'm just hoping to explain a little bit why the staff are struggling at present, hence the delay in this feature. It is underway and will be with you as soon as possible, I hope you can appreciate why there has been a delay and have patience and faith in us that we will get it done. We've been lucky to have a regular stream of updates over the past year or so but maintaining it takes a lot of time, hard work and a full body of staff, neither of which we have right now.

I hope that explains things a little better for you and I hope the staff will excuse me sticking my nose in, you all know I can't help myself. :P

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