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Fri, 26 Sept 08 – Episode # 4725

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Thank You, God !!!!!!! “

[screened in Australia on Fri, 26 Sept 08 – Episode # 4725]


After Alf serves Kirsty & Oliver their drinks, miles approaches Alf, and talks bout his date tonight with Bridget. Alf wonders if there’s a person in town who DOENLT know about his date with Bridget.

Alf wonders just where he stood take Bridget on their date – he’s thinking the sands resort might be the way to go.


Geoff enters and Nic is using the punching bag. She suggests that he doesn’t hold the punishing bag in case she hots him. Geoff seems obvious to the fact that Nic is angry at him.


Irene can’t believe it wihn Kirsty tells her bout Kane’s letter. Kirsty insist tat she just wishes that Kane had appealed that decision when he was 1st charged, like she wanted him to. She esp. fells this way as she is getting on with her life like he told her too - and it’s going pretty well with Miles & all.

Irene suggests that Kirsty should talk to Morag, but Kirsty thinks that Morag has enough on her pallet with Ross. Kirsty insist to Irene tat she doesn’t want ppl to know about this – and Irene insitsbtahtb she will keep things quiet.


Belle & Aden are working in the kitchen, when belle wonders if Aden would act as look out if she goes back to the development site. He vehemently tells her that he won’t help her, even if he didn’t have this court case hanging over hi head.


Bridget and JnM enter, and Martha tells Bridget how great a gejmp she’s been with all her advice [with Bridget having cancer in the past].

Bridget teak to jack. She is still worried about how Tony & Rachel feel about her being in town. Jack insists that they are fine with it.


Nic enters, and easily picks yup on how icy things are tween Aden & belle.

Aden wonders why she has ordered 2 pices of mud cake just as Geoff enters and thrie to talk to Nic about their chat eelier.

Nic, after jokingly suggesting that Geoff is stalking her, picks up her bag – and as she does, a pregnancy test kit falls out. When Geoff enquires, Nic says that she needs it because of what happened on the island – and that she is about to go home and do the test. Geoff offers to go with her – but she suggest against it.


Kirsty is REALLY annoyed when miles tells her that Ollie today told a kid that he [Ollie] lwas playing with that miles is his dad. Kirsty syasthat she just can’t deal with all this right now. Kirsty walks away.


Nicole is on the stairs – waiting for the result of the pregnancy test.


JnM are taking to Alf when Bridget enters. JnM wish that Alf & Bridget have a great time tonight.

When JnM are gone, Alf tells Bridget that he booked a table at the restaurant at the resort. She suggests that a place like that is too much, and that they should hang out together here at Noah’s tonight. Alf agrees – and he won’t take no for an answer when he insist tat he is paying for everything tonight. Bridget agrees – and she suggests that he should ditch the tie that he is waeing, which Alf does.


Nic phone Geoff – and is leaving a msg on her phone when he enters the house. He tells her that she is gong to totally support her & be the best dad that he can be.

Nic tells Geoff that the test is negative, to which Geoff [with head poitining toward the ceiling] says “thank you, god!!!!!!” [nice touch, esp. for ”bible boy”].

Nic tells geoff that it was sweet of him to say what he did, but when he suggest tat they should perhaps get back together, she thinks that they are still too different form each other, and that he is concentrating on helping melody anyway.


Belle enters the kitchen with an order that Aden got wrong – he incl onions on a burger for a person that’s allergic to them.

Belle & Aden are really close [right next to each other] as they clash, and you get the feeling that they are going t kiss, but it doesn’t happen. Aden is esp. dishearten when Belle says that’s eh just wants them to be friends now.

In the main part of the eatery, Kirsty talks to Kay [a dark haired lawyer]. Kay agrees with Kirsty that this appeal could actually make tings worse for Kane, but she sys that she will do all she can. Kirsty tries to hand Kay the money that she got form Martin, but Kay doesn’t accept, She tells Kirsty to get the law frim’s bank details [by ringing the law firm] and depositing the money into their account.

In the kitchen, things are tense tween Belle & Aden. Belle is still ken to be friends with Aden but he’s not into that. They clash over who will lock up tonight – both syathat they will stay back and do it, and in the end, Aden lets Belle do it. He bails.


Alf tells Bridget a funny story about one time when he went fishing with Ric – when Alf thought he caught a BIG fish, but he’d actually caught a TRICYCLE!!!

Bridget tells Alf that she has to thank Ric & Maddie, because of they hadn’t gone to Perth, lf wouldnklt have offered her a job at the bait shop, and Alf & Bridget wouldnklt be on this date right now.


Nic tells Aden about ahtls happened to her today – incl Geoff’s reaction to her not being pregnant.

Talk turns to Aden & Belle. Nic gets all playful when she insists that she think that Belle & Aden are still hot for each other, and Nic;s antics do being a smile to Aden’s face, Aden, however, insist stat even if Belle wasn’t going out with Angelo, he isnklt in the right head space to go out with her at the monet..


Next day, Miles, Kirsty & Oliver eneyr, and when miles asks, Kirsty tells him that she’s not found the right moment to speak Oliver about the whole Miles isn’t his dad thing.

Belle enters the place, an goes into the kitchen. Irene tells her that Aden has quit, and it sound like he’s got another job lined up – at the development site. Belle bails.


Aden talks to Tim, the head construction dude, who is keen to have Aden as part of his team. He tells Aden that he can start work in a few days – and to introduce himself to the other workers before he leaves today.

Tim sees that Bell has arrives at the site. He makes a phone call – and wonders if the person he is talking to wants something done to Belle.

Aden then sees that bell is there. With the two on either sides of some temporary fencing, belle tells Aden that she can’t believe that he is going t be working here. Aden insists tat he wants Belle to TOTALLY stay out of his life!!!!



Annie wonders what Ruby is doing drinking at a beach party – Ruby says that she’s having fun

Bridget confronts Alf – she suggest tat they should call things off as she thinks he is ashamed of her

Melody tells her mum that she doesn’t know everything [about solving Melody’s problems]

Dane insist ti Rachel that Joe needs his mum right now

An unknown woman at the sands resort says [about Kirsty] that “we might have found another girl”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Bridget: black [red floral] Asian style dress


Belle: silver ruffled top


Irene: aqua long sleeve blouse/dark long pants


Aden: black polo/denim jeans

Aden: green [white crest] t

Alf: yellow [dark check] button up shirt/bine long pants

Alf: white button up shirt/red & salmon diag tie

Belle: denim jacket/light blue top/black scarf/dark long pants

Bridget: red scoop t/denim jeans

Geoff: light blue [with dark blue “Zenearde Athletics” logo] singlet

Jack: grey t/dark long pants

Kay [Lawyer]: dark jacket/white blouse

Kirsty: light brown [dark floral] thing strap top/dark knee length skirt

Kirsty: red cardigan/ white [red strawberry motifs] halter dress

Martha: light blue [black floral] v neck dress/pink floral bandana

Miles: apple green [dark green check] button up shirt/dark [black & white photo of a man] t/dark shorts

Miles: 2 tone blue vertical stripes button up shirt/black [house with yard motif] t

Nicole: mustard top/dark skirt

Nicole: black [white trim] singlet top & matching shorts

Oliver: black [red sleeves t

Oliver: black t

Tim Coleman [Construction Worker]: Olive green button up shirt

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