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Unfinished Business (by Solarbaby) - comments


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Woah, Robbie and Kim fic :o! I'm so glad you PM'd me to move this to the Library. I can't believe I missed it! It's been so long since anyone's written anything about them, I don't even bother to look anymore. But yay, this was niiiice. Not much plot to speak of, but I remember that episode well so I didn't really need to be told what was going on. This is SO how that scene should have gone. I just wonder what Scott would have thought if he'd walked in on them :P

In you're next fic (pleeeease write more Robbie and Kim fic! There's just not enough!) you might want to remind people of the storylines that you're referring to. Not a lot of people know episode numbers, and only the obsessives remember entire story arcs from individual scenes :wub: You don't have to if you don't want to of course, but I just think you'd get more of a connection from readers if you remind them of what you're talking about, because it might be hard for people to know what's going on.

Although with his fic, clearly, it's just Robbie and Kim making out. Who needs to ask questions! :D

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