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Thurs, 25 Sept 08 – Episode # 4724

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby’s New Friend “

[screened in Australia on Thurs, 25 Sept 08 – Episode # 4724]


Christine enters Melody’s room. Melody comments on how nice dinner was.

Christine hopes that Melody won’t be up too late, and Melody tells her tats eh is almost done with her schoolwork for the night.

Melody asks her mum if she can see her father. Christine says maybe, before she exits the room.


Kirsty has just finished taking in some washing when she approaches Miles who is looking up at the stars. Kirsty is frustrated that she isn’t earning any money at the moment, and things get a little wired twen the two when Miles comment to Kirsty that he LOVES her. Kirsty insist that she has to go inside – to get the housework done.


It’s late at night, and Annie is online when Ruby comes down the stirs. Annie tells Ruby that the girl she’s been chatting with online has left a message online for Ruby. When Ruby access the chartroom, she sees that the girl has aced for Ruby’s street address – so she can send Ruby a book on how to cope with a relative with Alzheimer’s’. Annie is cautious about ruby giving out that kind of info online, but Ruby insists that this new online friend is that only person keeping her sane at the moment.


Next day, Kirsty talks to Leah about the whole lack of a job ting, which prompts Leigh to comment to Kirsty that Leah is friends with the hospitality manager at the Sands Resort, and that Leah can put in a good word for Kirsty. Kirsty is concerned when Leah suggest that she should have another reference =- as that means asking Martin for a reference.


Geoff approaches & talks to Melody. He is really concerned when she tells him that she isn’t seeing any doctors, or having medication etc at the moment. Melody insists that all she needs is her mum and prayer.


Miles is surprised to see Kirsty here at tyeh school, but he is keen t talk to her about lat night. Kirsty however, suggest they speak later, as she is her to speak to Martin.

Kirsty enters a classroom, and ask Martin for a reference. He agrees to do so, and asks her to come back later today to collect it. Kirsty is very pleased.


Ruby chats online with her new friend, and the friend send Ruby a pic of herself [a kinda like Melody looking teen girl]. Ruby wonders if, instead of her friend mailing her that book, if they could meet after school. Her online friend agrees to meet at the rock pool.

Kirsty enter and tells Leah that Martin has agreed to give her a reference.


Jai, Ruby & Annie are talking when Kirsty approaches. Annie & jai are intrugued when Ruby tells them that she has to go somewhere, but she won’t tell them where.

Jai hands Kirsty the mail – and comments that there is a letter for her. When Annie & the others, have walked away, Kirsty look through the mail, and finds the latter that is hers.


Kirsty is holing back tear as she opens and reads a letter from KANE!!!!!


Kirsty approaches Martin and she is very surprised at how great a reference that he has written fio her [given their history].

Martin says that he wasn’t to help Kirsty any way he can, and Kirsty is all but in tears when she asks if she can borrow $5000!! fom Martin.


Geoff enters Melody’s room, and he is intrigued by a fowl smell coming form her cupboard, but she insist that she hasn’t clean out her rubbish for a few days now.

Geoff is worried for Melody – and that worry is waarent6ed when she almost faints twice with then space of a minute.

Melody admits to Geoff that she has been starving herself, as eating [or not eating] is the only thing that her mum doesn’t current6ly have control over. Geoff opens the cupboard, and finds the bag full of thrown out food. Geoff insist that Melody has to tell her mum about this – but Melody insist that Geoff should go [i.e. if Christine finds him here, Melody will be in BIG trouble]. Geoff does bail.


Ruby is siting beside the pool, with a print out of the photo of her new online friend. Matthew Lyons approaches on his bicycle. He sees that photo – and tells Ruby tat he always knew that she was different [i.e. suggesting that Ruby is into girls].Ruby firmly “suggests” that Matthew Lyons should leave her alone – and, thanskfully, he does bail.


Melody confronts her mum [who is in the kitchen]. She tells Christine that she hasn’t eaten in days, ad that she NEEDS help. Melody insists tahts he wants to see Dr Hornby [psych clinic] again, but Christine insist that she won’t put up with such petulance. Melody says that she’s sorry for causing trouble [not much conviction in her voice though] before melody exits the room


Martin finds Mathew Lyons on the computer room at school. Matthew insist sthat his comp at home has a virus and he needs to finish several assignment. Martin tells him that another teacher will be here for an hour.

After martin bails form the room, we cut to Ruby at te diner. She is online, and wonders where her new friend was today [after Ruby waited for ages at the pool].

Mathew [school] responds that he had detention !!!! Matthew smirks/laughs at he types this!!!!


Kirsty tells Miles that she’s ghost an interview at the sands resort, and she shows him that GREAT reference that martin gave her.

Miles is keen to talk about what he said lat night. Kirsty tells him that although she LOVEs that he said it, she doesn’t feel the same way about him right now.

When miles has walked way, Kirsty looks at the letter form got from Kane. In the last few lines of the letter, Kane writes that he knows that he its wrong to Kirsty out of the blue, and he hope that she can help him with the money. Kirsty is once more on the verge of tears.



A pregnancy test falls out of Nicole’s bag – with Geoff beside her!!!!

Nicole comments to Aden that she thinks taht he & Belle ARE still into each other

Aden vehemently tells Belle that he never want to see her again

Kirsty tells Irene tat she hasn’t told Miles appoint Kane’s letter

Alf sounds pleased when Bridget suggest tat they have their date at the surf club, rather than a fancy restaurant

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: baby pink [red lining, and a single strawberry motif] singlet top


Kirsty: red cardigan/ white [red strawberry motifs] halter dress


Miles: 2 tone blue vertical stripes button up shirt/black [house with yard motif] t/brown [white check] jacket


Annie: SBH uniform

Christine: black v neck long sleeve top/blue top

Christine: black v neck long sleeve top/grey t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: dark blue long sleeve v neck top/peach top

Leah: orange [silver studs on bust] thin strap top

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/black [white check] tie

Matthew Lyons: SBH uniform

Melody: peach long sleeve cardigan/balk top/denim knee length skirt

Melody: SBH uniform

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey [green & orange rainbow] t

Ruby: grey t/black shorts

Ruby: SBH uniform

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