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Wed, 24 Sept 08 – Episode # 4723

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Ruby Calls It Going Into Arrest Mode “

[screened in Australia on Wed, 24 Sept 08 – Episode # 4723]


Charlie is worried about Ross but he & Morag aren’t that keen on Charlie’s suggestions that they should reorganise the kitchen, so Ross doesn’t inadvertently poison himself.

When Ross & Morag have gone into the kitchen, roman tells Charlie about his encounter with Ruby earlier today – esp. how much Ruby appear to be struggling with all this.


Martin & Christine enter, and Christine asks martin if melody can rtn to school. She insists that melody is now MUCH better that the way she was when she returned to school recently. Christine insist that all melody needed was her mum and the stabiuklity of home life.

Nearby, Ruby is in a chat room on the computer. She types in that she has a relative with Alzheimer’s, and wonders if someone in the bay is in the same boat.


After Ross & roman head out [to get some wine to go with dinner], Morag telak to Alf, who she has invited for dinner. They talk mnabout Ross – and Morag is pleased when Alf agrees to take ross fishing morrow.


Charlie enters, and tacks to ruby. Ruby is holding back tears as she tells charlie that its jot fair that they’ve just lost their mum and now this happens. Charlie insists att they have to be strong for Ross’ sake.


Next day, Alf & Ross are sitting on chairs at the end of the wharf. They arte fishing. Ross is pleased when Alf agrees fom them just to fish – and not talk about what Ross is going thpouiuygh [as Ross feels that all he does is talk about it].


In the corridor, Ruby wonders if the others have heard of a partic local online chartroom. Nic is rather dismissive of it, whilst Jai tells her that he has defiantly heard of it.

Geoff changes the subject, by telling the others that he’s heard that Melody is back at school today.

Melody approaches Ruby, Annie, Nic etc, and she doesn’t look the best – bags under her eyes etc. Geoff misworded that she is back so soon after last time, but Melody insists tat she is up to it this time.


Charlie enters, and she is surprised that Ross isn’t there. She isn’t keen when morag tells her that ross has gone fishing – even after Morag tells her that Ross is with Alf.

Morag & Charlie get into a big verbal duel about what’s going on – and Charlie insist that, as usual, it’s up to her to make the hard decisions.


With martin watching through the little window in the classroom door, melody answers lots of the questions that miles asks his class – the class also icl ruby & Jai.

Indeed, ruby asks miles if she can be excused - as she isn’t feeling well. When ruby has left the classroom, miles asks Annie to go and see ruby in sickbay when the class is over.


Charlie approaches ross & Alf, and she is VERTY keen for Ross to go home with her., but he is keen to continue fishing with Alf. Alf insists that he will look after ross. Charlie isn’t pleased but agrees, and she bails.


Annie enters the computer room, ahere she finds Ruby, who tells her that there was no nurse in the sickbay, and that she is feeling better now.

Annie is concertinaed when ruby tells her that she’s found local girl online who is dealing with a relative who has the same issues as Ross. Annie thinks that ruby should be talking to her friends about this, but ruby insist tat the person online “gets” what she is talking about.


Colleen approaches Alf & ross, and notices that Ross has cut his hand. Roman approaches – ans Ross admits that he cut it when he was scaling the fish. Roman offers to take his to hospital – and they bail.

Nic, Jai, Annie & Geoff enter. They are worried about Melody – esp,. how her mum seems to keeping her away form doctors etc. Nic is curious when Annie tells her that Melody & her mum have been doing a lot of praying to help the problem. She is curious that Geoff is worried about that solution, but he insists tat whilst prayer is important, so is seeing a doctor when you are ill.


After Nurse Gloria tends to Ross’s cut hand, charlie can’t believes it when she see Ross in the corridor with roman. She insists that she just knew that this kind of thing was going to happened. Ross however “fires back” at Charlie. He insists tat the worst thing about his illness ais that ppl, like charlie are treating him differently. He tells her that he is sick of her attitude,a nd that he doesn’t want to see her again unless she changes the way that she is behaving.


Martin talks to Melody at the end of her 1st day back at school. She insists tat she’s had a good day.

When martin walks away, Geoff approaches melody. He wonders if she would like to join them at te diner. Melody insists tat she has to head for home, eps. Since she is very tired as she didn’t get much sleep last night because she was worried about tody.

After melody walks away, Geoff talks to Ruby, jai & Annie. They agree to catch a scary DVD together tonight. Ruby says that she will hjoing them shortly – she just want to check if she’s got any messages on that chartroom.


Roman & Charlie WAAAAAAAAAAAY verbally clash over what’s happening with Ross. Charlie takes everything roman says the wrong way, whilst he insist tat what roman needs is Charlie’s support, not the over management that she’s been doing so far. Roman also takes offence top Charlie suggesting that this has nothing to do within him – but he reminds her that Ross & Morag is living at his house. Charlie’s had enough – and bails.


Its night time, and Charlie Morag & Ross walking hand in hand, enjoying each others’ company.


Charlie apologises to roman, Morag & roman for the way she’s been behaving., she comment that in situation, she likes to be in control, sand comments that its what ruby refers to as charlie going into arrest mode.

Charlie tells Ross that he was soooooooooo great dealing with her mum’s long term illness, and they both hope there can be some kind of normality in all of this.


Nic enter,a nd sits with Geoff. She tells him that she had no luck speaking to Melody when she just visited her house – as christine insisted that Melody was studying and then heading to bed. Geoff tells Nic that he wishes the Melody’s dad was still around – as he is more reasonable that Christine.


Christine enters melodies with a plate full of food. She is keen fore melody to eat with her, but melody insist that she will eat the food in her room as she needs to keep studying to catch up on all the school she missed.

When Christine leaves the room, melody gets a plastic bag out of the cupboard. It already seems to have lot of food that he has been thrown onto it – and melody tips her diner AND her school lunch into the bag!!!!



Ruby tells Annie that the person she is talking to online is that only person keeping her sane right now

Matthew Lyons asks Ruby how she is feeling, but she tells him to get lost

Melody pleads with her mum that “I NEED help”

Miles tells Kirsty that he loves her, AND

Kirsty gets a letter form Kane asking her for money!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: dark purple [white swirls] mid thigh dress/black headscarf


Charlie: black glittery? dress


Colleen: pink top/black [green leafy] blouse


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/white wide brim hat

Alf: dark blue [light blue check] button up shirt

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: dark brown jacket/silver top

Charlie: light blue police button up shirt/dark blue jacket/dark blue long pants

Christine: black jacket/black top/white skirt

Christine: black long sleeve v neck top/grey t

Colleen: white [various colours floral] dress

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: yellow [blue tropical motifs] t/denim jeans

Jai: SBH uniform

Martin: dark suit/light blue shirt/dark tie

Martin: red long sleeve button up shirt/ dark long pants

Melody: peach long sleeve cardigan/black top/denim knee length skirt

Melody: SBH uniform.

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey t

Morag: beige jacket/black top/blue long pants

Morag: white long sleeve blouse/brown top/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Roman: black singlet/black board shorts

Roman: black t/olive green long pants

Roman: olive green polo/denim jeans

Ross: grey [blue stripes on shoulders] jacket/blue polo/dark long pants/grey wide brim hat

Ross: red long sleeve button up shirt/.bone long pants

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: white lace top – over a black t/dark long pants/silver choker necklace

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