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Unlucky (by Taniya_K) - comments


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“Nothing.” He sighed, the smile still not leaving his face. It was moments like these that he sometimes wished that he had the courage and the reputation that everyone thinks he had. The ‘Aden’ that everyone thinks he is, or was, would have no problem with 3 little words.


So... who's sending Belle flowers? And should Aden be jealous?

Is Aden trying to tell Belle that He loves her?

LOL. Thats what i was thinking because of the 3 little words.

But awesome update. Excellent. Loved it.

Awww. Adelleeeeee. Sooo cute together.

And wonder whos sending Belle flowers.

Drew maybe Amandaaaaaa. And no Aden shouldn't be jealous.

Cant wait for moree.

Keep up the great work.

Love Jess


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.. I was going to quote my favourite part, then i realised i was going to quote the entire chapter...

loved the backchatting Belle :lol: that part was the greatest :D

Aden loves Belle.. :wub:


you leave tomorrow? wow. thats mega cool!

btw. it's Lily. :)

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being nice is one of my many tallents :lol: kidding. actually no, i'm not really...

Aden and Belle were so cute in that :wub: but Annie and Geoff got home one whole hour later...the things that they could have done.. :P

What’s the magic word?”

Now.” Belle replied as Aden shook his head and gave her a sweet kiss on the side of her neck before getting the phone for her.

:lol: so very true Belle, so very true..

no update today :( i assume because you're on a plane to Bejing?! wanna trade places? you can do my English essay, i'll go to China...

have a good time

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