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Tues, 23 Sept 08 – Episode # 4722

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ We Need To Be Strong, And That’s What I’m Going To Do “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 23 Sept 08 – Episode # 4722]

Note – due to various issues, this guide is less detailed tan usual.

Belle enters the police station. she talks Angelo that Murray AND all his things have gone form Murray’s house. Belle is keen for Angelo to act on this, but Angelo gets all stern & official with Bel when he realises that Charlie has just entered the room. He insists tat bell has to let the police handle this matter etrc.

Aden talks to roman [at roman’s place]. He almost can’t believe that this yr of repeating school is not far from over.

Belle enactors the kitchen and the diner, and she is rather surprised when Irene reminds her that Aden is starting back working her today.

Aden arrives, and Irene immediately suggests that Aden should take the orders of some customers that are waiting.

Later, Irene tells belle & Aden that she is off to pick up Annie & Geoff form the movies. As she bails, Angelo enters. Angelo tells belle that it was a close call today at the station [with Charlie]. Aden interrupts – and belle goes to help him find sometinming in the kitchen.

Later, Belle is pleased hen the last of the customers levee the diner for the night. As she & Aden put cathrs on tables etc, they talks about his upcoming court cae. Angelo arrives, and Aden insists tay he will finish locking up – so bell can head off with Angelo.

Next day, Aden & roman are talking as they walk on the beach. Aden admits tat the 1sr day back at work yesterday with belle was uneasy.

Nearby, Charlie approaches Bell. she hopes tat Belle [who has aher camera with her] isn’t thinking of returning the development site. Belle expresses her concerns for Murray, and speculated to Charlie that Murray has have left the sare because he as paid off. Charlie suggests that belle should have proof before making accusations like that.

When cahelie has walks away, belle is about to take a pic of Aden [at water’s edge with roman] when he looks at her. She doesn’t take the pic.

Later, at the police station, Charlie approaches Angelo – and has a go at his for the inappropriate searches that he made regearing Murray’s bank records. Charlie insist that she will be watching Angelo VERY closely form now on.

Soon fter, Angelo talk to belle at beach house. He is anoyed that she said anything top Charlie about Murray being perhaps bribed. He tells her about how Charlie will be keeping an eye on him.

Angelo talks to bell about Aden. She admits tat its wired working with him again, but she know that there’s noting teween them, and that bell loves only Angelo. They hug – but the look on belle’s face suggests that she is still into Aden.

At roman’s, Aden helps Ross find the TV rem0ote. He also offers to make Ross some coffee. Roman tells Aden that this was a nice tig to do.

Later, Ross, Rub7y, Morag & roman have just finished having dinner. Ross is keen spend some tinmen with Ruby, but as soon as he mentions that he has work morrow, ruby [who was keen to spend time with Ross] insists tat she better head home – lots of school asssigmentmemnts to do.

When Ross & Morag are aoutr of the room, roman asks ruby how she is. Ruby insists that she is fine.

Ruby [later at surf club] tells Charlie that she has a great time at dinner that night. Both time though there’s a clear defensiveness in her voice.

Next day, Leah approaches ruby, who is siting on rocks near the beach. Leah can tell that ruby isn’t really coping with what’s happening, and is concerned when Ruby takes her comment of the family having to be strong the wrong way.

Later, Morag & Ross enter the diner. When Morag innocently mentions that ruby is joining them for lunch, Ross tells his that she doesn’t like the felling of not being in control [with this illness he has].

Later, roman approaches ruby, who is once more oin the rocks near the beach. She tells him that ita lunch, she couldn’t handle it when Ross didn’t even realise that he’d put salt in his coffee rather thena sugar.

Roman suggests that ruby, who is holing back tears, should talk to Charlie about jow she is feeling. Ruby insists that cahelie’s got enough on her plate. Ruby insists that even if she did try to talk to Charlie, she wouldn’t know what to say, as ruby doesn’t rally know what she is feeling about all of this.

At the hunter house, Joe seems to enjoy that healthy food that Leah & Rachel; have mad for him. Tony comes home, and Rachel insists that they have to talk.

Later, Rachel tells Tony that she didn’t rally have tke to confer with him for the dicaiion to take in Joe whilst Dane is away. She also tells Tony that there’s none of Lee’s family around to take care of Joe.

Next day, Rachel & Joe enter Dr Aitkin’s office. Aitkin is surprised that Rachel is caring for Joe at the Monet. she suggest that Rachel is crooking the line by doing this.

When Rachel arrives home, she tells Tony aht aitkin said. She also tells Tony that she knows in her heart that if anything happened to Joe [if he went with Dean to QLd] then she wouldn’t evert forgive herself. Tony & rach hug.

Later, at diner, rich talks to Leah about Joe. Leah wonders what will happen when lee & Dane rtn and rach has to let go of Joe again. Rach says that she will deal with that when it happens.

Tony gets a phone call at the hunter house. It’s Dane, who will be longer in QLD that he 1st planned. Tony expresses his concerns to Dane about Joe, but Dane is keen to find Lee.

Later, Whjenhj Rcahel ariovbe home, Yt0ony tells her about daen’s phone call. Tony tells Rachel that he now thinks it’s a good idea for them to look after Joe for the time being. He adds that it will be good practice for their own child. Rach is REALLY pleased to hear that.



Annie is worried when Ruby tells her at she’s found someone online who is dealing with a relative with Alzheimer’s

Morag & Charlie clash overt the best way to deal with Ross

Melody returns to high school – but things still aren’t great in her world

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: plum spaghetti strap top


Ruby: white lace top – over a black t/dark long pants/silver choker necklace


Leah: light pink zip up tracksuit top/white [black trim] singlet top


Aden: black [raised black rose?] t/denim jeans

Aden: white [unknown black motifs on left leg] board shorts

Angelo: yellow [black “Henley’s track”] t/dark long pants

Angelo: light blue police button up shirt

Belle: black vest/grey t/dark long pants

Belle: green [black check] flannelette shirt/dark purple top/dark long pants

Charlie: black [silver floral?] dress

Charlie: light blue police button up shirt

Charlie: red sports singlet/white [black collar & vertical stripe on sleeves] jacket

Dr Aitkin: off white [green circles] top/dark long pants

Irene: red blouse

Joe: red t/dark long pants

Joe: white [black unknown motif] t – over a grey long sleeve top/dark long pants

Leah: black singlet top/orange skirt

Morag: grey top/brown cardigan

Morag: white long sleeve top

Rachel: black long sleeve v neck dress

Rachel: red v neck top//dark long pants

Roman: black singlet/black board shorts

Roman: white [black "the harbinger" & 2 monkeys?] t/dark long pants

Ross: dark grey polo shirt/brown long pants

Ross: red button up shirt/bone long pants

Ruby: grey latticed singlet top/red knee length skirt

Tony: red [unknown black logo] t/grey shorts

Tony: blue t

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