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Sequins will fly

Guest **Julie**

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Sequins will fly

19 September 2008


Dancing with the Stars has its stock characters. There's the trademark class clown this year it's Red Symons. Then there's the comedian (Cal Wilson) and the athlete (Brooke Hanson). Surely, Home and Away starlet and model Jodi Gordon fills the role of the stunner.

Gordon was apologetic about not talking about her rumoured lingerie contract with Crystelle just days before it was announced.

Since then, she's released sexy photos as the face and body of the brand.

It's a nod to her career as a model, before she started playing Martha on soapie Home and Away.

With no dancing experience, Gordon has launched herself into the eighth series of the reality series.

"It's been very interesting training and good fun," she says.

"It's weird learning something so new. I haven't ever danced before this."

Gordon says she remembers resisting her mother's repeated attempts to get her into dancing as a child.

"She tried to get me to do jazz when I was very little, but I was only in it for the leotard," Gordon says.

"I went and realised I don't like this and never went back. But this show is very different."

Gordon is paired with Stefano Oliveri, making for a dancing duo with matching enormously big, white smiles.

She says Oliveri has been very kindly taking her newfangled dancing feet into consideration.

"He's great. He's sitting here next to me so I have to say something nice about him," she laughs.

"He said he is handsome and funny, and he's done the New Zealand version and won twice, so there's a little bit of pressure for me to do well.

"Nah, really, he's great. He's good at incorporating steps and moves into what I can do."

Gordon admits to watching the show in past years and wondering how she'd fare if she were invited to partake.

"I have enjoyed watching the show and secretly wondered if I could do it," she says.

"I've seen people doing it really well and some doing it really badly."

There's always criticism about contestants with dancing experience, as was the case with former Hi-5 member Charli Delaney, but do actors have any advantage?

"Doing dance is quite hard, and Stefano and I are going to create characters I guess. That stops you from being nervous and has a theatrical appeal to it,'' she says.

"But no matter what you do, nerves will always kick in.''

Need to know

All-time favourite TV show?

Sex and the City.

Current fave show?

Packed to the Rafters, it's fantastic. I think it's going to be an amazing series.

Wouldn't watch if you paid me?

Wrestling and car racing I hate them no offence to the drivers, but I can't stand watching racing cars.

Credit to HAAC.

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