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Home and Away visits Melbourne for the first time

Guest Anaya

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Home and Away visits Melbourne for the first time

Herald Sun, September 19, 2008 12:00am


A TRIP to Melbourne for filming couldn't have come at a better time for Home and Away stars Josh Quong Tart and Esther Anderson.

The pair has spent several days this week filming scenes for Home and Away in St Kilda, Vic Market, the city, and Docklands.

It is the first time the show has come to Melbourne - it was filmed in England last year.

The two actors also plan to use the trip to celebrate Quong Tart's birthday.

In June, Quong Tart took newly arrived Anderson out on the town in Sydney to celebrate her 29th birthday. He will call on the Melbourne girl to return the favour.

"I have been flat out filming and I forgot that it even was my birthday," he said yesterday. "So I will have to make up for it on Friday night. Esther is a local so I have a good guide and we will head out for some drinks."

Quong Tart said Anderson's birthday had turned into a big night, finishing with pizza at 4am.

"This probably won't be quite that big because I have got to catch an early flight on Saturday," he said.

The Melbourne scenes, to air early next year, will showcase the streets of Melbourne to 174 countries and an international audience of more than 50 million people.


It looks as though Esther's changed her hair colour from that pic. Still looking good though. I wonder who else came to film, it's all very secretive. :unsure:

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The surprise was Melody, I didnt get any photos but they were having lunch at a cafe and filming at Southbank. Esther was wearing a white coat, Josh was wearing that green jacket thing, and I think Celeste was in a blue top and jeans.

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I guess we'll just have to wait a little.

when did they film in england in 2007? i must have missed that bit.

I think it's a mistake and they're talking about some of the cast who went to England last year. Remember Jodi, Kate and Mark went to the UK in July 2007. They didn't film there, they were only promoting the show. :)

The cast of Home and Away did film in England a few years ago when Don Fisher's book was published. Hayley and Nick were there too. We even saw the girls from Atomic Kitten in an episode.

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