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Tues, 16 Sept 08 – Episode # 4717

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ How Do I Tell Ruby? “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 16 Sept 08 – Episode # 4717]


Morag & Charlie tell Rachel about what’s been happening to Ross. Rachel tells Ross & Co that she’s going to do some tests on Ross.


Aden talks to Melody. He tells her tat he is going home today. She tells him that he’s been a great help to her, but Aden is worried when Melody tells him that Axel is in the clinic and that he is trying to get her. Indeed, she tells Aden that Axel is in this room and when Melody looks at someone nearby, we see Axel. However, when Aden looks over, he sees someone who looks not that dissimilar to Axel, but is definitely not him.

Roman arrives, and Axel says goodbye to Melody before Axel & Roman bail.


Rachel asks Ross to fold a piece of paper & put in on the ground. Ross responds, after a while, by screwing up the paper and putting it on the table. Rachel looks concerned – after she exits the room.

In the corridor, Rachel encounters Aden. He apologises for everything that he did, and hopes they can be friends. Rachel tells him that that will take some time.

Roman approaches Aden, and he suggest on giving Aden a lift home, but Aden says that he will take the bus.

Rachel approaches Charlie and sys that they need to talk about Ross. Roman hugs Charlie.


Christine & Edward enter, and Christine is worried tahtbthe ppl at the clinic won’t let her see Melody.

Christine approaches Annie, and wonders if she’s been to see Melody. Annie sys that she hasn’t yet, but she will be tomorrow. Christine hands Annie a Bible and asks her to give it to Melody. Annie aggresses to do so.


Rachel tells Morag and Charlie that she’s spoken to a neurologist who’s confirmed her diagnosis for Ross – early on set Alzheimer’s. Rachel tells them that they can slow the disease with Medications, and she will give them the contact details for several support groups. Both Morag & Charlie look very worried.

Soon after, Charlie is walking the corridors with Rachel. She wonders how she is going to tell Ruby this news.

In Ross’ room, Morag tells Roman, just before he bails, that he’s been a great friend to her of late.

Morag then talk to Ross – and tell him that he does have Alzheimer’s AND that Rachel’s already got a 2nsd opinion confirming the diagnoses. Morag emotionally tells Ross that on their wedding day she made a vow of in sickness and in health, and she’s always going to be here fro him.


Roman is in the kitchen when Ruby enter. She is looking for Charlie – and Roman tells Ruby that Charlie is at the hospital.


Ross, Morag & Charlie are in Ross’ room when Ruby enters. Although Charlie sound like she wants to be the one to tell Ruby the news, Ross himself tells her. Ruby & Ross waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hug.


Its night time and Melody is siting on her bed. Axel approaches her- and she screams for her to get away for her. Nurse Kelly enters the room, and tries to calm Melody. Kelly insists that there’s no one in the room except for Melody & the nurse.


Next day, it’s raining when Belle & Aden encounter each other. After Den asks about Belle/Angelo, he tells Belle that he’s not going to get in the way of her new ‘ship. Aden walks away.


Annie & Geoff enter Melody’s room and she hopes that are her to take her out of here. She tells them about Axel, so Geoff goes out of the room to get help.

Annie suggests that in times like these, they should pray. She gives Melody the Bible – but when Melody opens up the book, she starts writing in it.


Roman & Morag are in the kitchen when Aden enters. Morag notes he wet he is form the rain. She also tells him thav she can’t be involved with his case at the monet because of Ross. She offers another lawyer, but Aden insists that he will find hi own.

After Aden heads for the shower, Morag &^ Roman express their concerns bout him. Nicole enters the room, and suggests that she will get Aden back to his old self. Morag doesn’t look impressed.


Annie approaches Christine & Edward. She tells them that thinghs aren’t so great with Melody – with the whiols seeing Axel stuff.

Annie hands Christine the Bible – and when Christine looks inside, ashe finds that Melody has written things like “Go To Hell” and “you make me fell dead”. Christine, naturally, is shocked.


Nicole & Aden are playing pool, and Nicole bets Aden that if she sinks a red ball, he has to run naked round the table. He accepts – and she sinks a red ball. With Nicole calling out “take it off” continuously”, Aden takes off his shirt, just as Belle enters. Alf enters the room [having heard the ruckus] and reminds Aden & Nicole that the club has rules. Belle looks annoyed/forlorn that Aden is having fun.


Geoff tells Annie that she doesn’t think that she was ready to be taken to see Melody when they went to the clinic. Annie tells Geoff that she’s done something silly.


Annie & Geoff rush into the clinic, and the ask Nurse Kelly about Melody. Geoff is very concerned when Kelly says that Melody’s parents discharged her an hour ago!!!!!



Kirsty gets an official warning form Martin

Matthew Lyons teases Melody at school

Melody, who has barricade herself behind some chairs in a classroom, tells Martin that “this is the only place that I feel safe”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Annie: dark blue [black straps & white floral pattern] wide strap knee length dress


Nicole: yellow floral motifs spaghetti strap dress


Charlie: white jacket/grey top/dark long pants


Aden: black [grey stripes on each sleeve] rain jacket

Aden: black [white “Cult”] t/dark long pants

Aden: grey & black horizontal striped t/dark long pants

Alf: black button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: 2 tone red horizontal stripes t

Axel: dark brown button up shirt

Axel: white [black unknown motif] t

Belle: dark blue rain jacket/dark long pants

Belle: white [dark check] flannelette shirt

Christine: mauve long sleeve blouse

Christine: white [pin stripes] long sleeve blouse/dark skirt

Edward: powder blue bus h/brown LPs

Edward: white long sleeve button up shirt

Geoff: yellow [blue tropical motifs] t/olive green shorts

Melody: mauve jacket/grey long pants

Melody: purple cardigan/brown top/faded denim jeans

Morag : dark brown top/black cardigan/dark long pants

Morag: white long sleeve blouse

Nicole: white singlet top/white shorts

Nurse Kelly: apple green long sleeve blouse/dark long pants

Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] singlet top/dark long pants

Roman: olive green t

Roman: grey t/dark long pants

Ross : dark suit/grey button up shirt/dark blue [grey diagonal stripes] tie

Ross: grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: grey top//black [red vertical stripes on shoulders] crop jacket/dark grey knee length skirt

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