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Mon, 15 Sept 08 – Episode # 4716

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Lara Fitzgerald’s In Charge Now “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 15 Sept 08 – Episode # 4716]


Morag emotionally explains to Alf about what’s happening to Ross. She is worried that it could be a tumour etc, but when Alf suggest that they should see a doctor, Morag tells him the Ross refuses to.


Belle enters the kitchen and tells Leah & Irene what Murray told her about toxic waste being dumped at the site of the new development. Irene muchlty doesn’t believe it.


Ross tells Morag that he visited Martha at home, but Morag is more interested in talking about Ross’ health. She insists that he should see a doctor, but he’s not for it.

Roman & Charlie arrive, and Ross or Morag comments that at least now they’ve have a reasonable conversation.


Next day, Belle & Murray approaches the parameter fence of the development. They can see several men inside the fencing – Murray points out that one of them is David Morris [the developer[ and he thinks that other are counsellors.

Alf suggest to Belle that she should ask Alf about the toxic waste, since he’s been on the council in the past. Belle agrees to do so.


Roman & Charlie make plane top meet up later today.

Charlie sees that Ross is wearing a suit, so she wonders where he is off too. She tells her that he is going to the bank today. Charlie bails – she is off to the gym.


Ross enters, and asks Jack if he can speak to McGrath. Jack tells him that McGrath has been transferred and the Lara Fitzgerald is now in charge of this station – but she is out at the moment.

Ross tells Jack & Watson that he got a phone call form South Australia about one of his old case. An informant has revealed that location of a body in bushland nearby. Watson is keen for Lara to be notified, but Ross insist that there’s not time and they need to search now [so a suspect won’t slip through their fingers].


Morag enters, and ask Roman is he’s seen Ross. He is keen to talk to her, but once he tells her that he hasn’t seen Ross, Morag insist that she has to go.


Martha enters, and when Alf asks, Martha tells her that she’s come here as she needed a change form being in the house all day.

Belle enters, and she skas Alf if she can hand out flyers here before the council meeting today [council chambers being refurbished]. As Martha looks at the flyers against he Hartley Reserve Development, Belle asks Alf if he knows anything about suggestions of toxic water being dumped there in the 60s. Alf insist that he knows nothing about it. Belle is a little taken aback by how defensive Alf is.


Ross, Jack, Watson are other officers arrive at the site where roses has been informed where the body is beloved to be located. They begin the search.


In kitchen. Leah notices that Roman is muchly distracted as she tries to talk to him. He comments about how weirdly Morag was behaving earlier.

Charlie enters the kitchen, and just as she & roman are set to go, her phone rings. It’s Morag – and they agree to meet at Roman’s.


Charlie enters, and Morag tells her that Ross is missing.


As the search for the body continues, Jack tells Watson that he is heading back to the station to get more info on the case – and to consult Lara.


Bel & Murray enter, and although Belle defends Alf’s responses tro her questions earlier, Murray insists that Alf is covering something up.


Just after Charlie arrives, Jack discovers that the body Ross & co are looking for was actually found 30 years ago. Jack can’t believe that they’ve wasted all this time etc on a wild goose chase.


Watson approaches Ross and insists that they’ve not found anything.

Charlie arrives, and she is pleased to see her dad, but she is worried about him. He looks bewildered and insists that this is “all wrong”. Charlie suggetrsthat he comes to the station.


As Alf looks at some sketches of the planned development that are on a white board, he thanks Irene for helping set up all the tables and chairs for the council meeting.

As various [extras] townsfolk & the counsellors take thri seats, Martha & Ruby comment about both the flyers that Belle had, and the fact that Belle isn’t here.

Alf starts the meeting by saying he believes the this new development, unlike many others that have been propose for the bay, looks to be “on the level”. Alf then introduces the developer of the new project David Morris. David stands and walks over to the podium.


Ross is keen to leave the station, but Charlie insists tat he can’t until Jack finished the report on this case.


David Morris tell the assembled crowd about the planed development, and he answers questions or the likes of Ruby about how there’s been a study done that shows there’ll be minimal environmental impact because of the development.

Belle & Murray [when a box of files etc on hand] enter, and Murray tells the crowd that he’s found, on ground soil samples, traces on several heavy metal & harmful chemicals, but David counters this by showing the crowd an independent study showing no heavy metals etc fouihund in deep soil samples at the development site.

The councillor’s vote – and they give the project the go ahead. Belle looks forlorn.


Murray insists to Belle that they have to stop this development, and they he just knows that developer etc is lying. Murray urges Belle to stick with him.


Morag arrives and she is pleased that Ross has been found. He expresses her concerns to him, and Charlie verbally attacks Morag - for not telling chalie about Ross’ condition. Morag suggest that to Charlie that this isn't the time for that sort of talk.

Ross wants to g home, but Morag tells Ross that he IS going to see a doctor, and that she is NOT taking no for an answer!!!!!



Melody tells someone that she has seen Axel

Ross tells Morag that Rachel thinks that he is ill

Aden tells Belle that he won’t cause her & Angelo trouble

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: silver spangly top\dark jacket


Leah : royal blue thin strap top


Ruby: grey knee length skirt /black [red vertical stripes on shoulders] crop jacket


Alf: white (with black, yellow & brown vertical stripes) button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [red & blue check] button up shirt\bone long pants

Belle : red [white floral] scarf/black vest/white t/black knee length skirt

Belle: black wide collar elbow length sleeves top/blue scarf\dark long pants/dark grey jacket

Charlie: red [white lining] sports singlet top/black leggings

Charlie: white long sleeve jacket/grey top/dark long pants

David Morris: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Irene: light pink blouse

Irene: purple blouse

Jack : light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/dark blue jacket

Leah: black thin strap top/white long pants

Martha : off white jacket/red t

Morag : dark brown top/black cardigan/dark long pants

Morag : white PJ top & long pants/tan dressing gown

Morag: black elbow length sleeves blouse/dark long pants

Murray: dark green button up shirt/denim jeans

Roman: grey t

Roman: olive green polo shirt/dark long pants

Ross : dark suit/grey button up shirt/dark blue [grey diagonal stripes] tie

Ross: bone long sleeve button up shirt/bone long pants

Watson : light blue police shirt/bark blue police cap/dark blue jacket

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